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Do you go to the supermarket straight from the stables?

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Goingintohibernation · 26/11/2014 14:23

There is a supermarket between the stables, and where I live. I often pop in for milk chocolate on the way home. I am reluctant to go home and get showered and changed, and make a separate trip out, but I am a little paranoid that I am too grubby to go into a shop when I've been to the stables. I do make sure my wellies are well hosed off, and wash my hands before I leave the yard, but I can't guarantee there isn't the odd whiff of horse, and stray bit of hay about me. So is this really grim, or do you do the same?

OP posts:
Bonkey · 26/11/2014 14:26

I go everywhere after the stables - I think sometimes must look like a right tramp but I am stuffed if I'm going to trek home to wash and get changed. Shops, school run -i really don't care anymore...

I will add I live in Somerset so walking around stinking of horse/farm covered in mud is probably more normal than it is anywhere else Grin

bonzo77 · 26/11/2014 14:31

Yes. But change or hose my foot wear, brush off as much of the bedding as I can and baby wipe my hands. In this really wet weather I wear water proof trousers and coat which I take off before getting in the car anyway, and underneath I'll be clean and dry.

Nicename · 26/11/2014 14:34

My sister has been known to trot down to the local supermarket with straw in her hair and tied the horse up outside. Its quite horsey where she lives though. She hasn't trundled down in the tractor... Actually she did when they were snowed in one year.

BaronessBomburst · 26/11/2014 14:39

I don't ride myself but see people in riding gear in our local supermarket all the time. I've never thought twice about it.
And I've never noticed anyone smelling. Wink

TotallySociallyInept · 26/11/2014 14:44

Haha I always have the same dilemma.
A specially when DH asks me to just pop and get xyz on the way back on an evening. I sometimes do and walk around feeling very dirty (its towny supermarket) but I don't sometimes as well if it's been particularly muddy smelly evening!
Sorry no help at allConfused

mrslaughan · 26/11/2014 15:20

I do - all the time , sometimes i do look at me hands and think "cripes".....

HeartsTrumpDiamonds · 26/11/2014 15:23

It wouldn't bother me at all as a non-rider. At least, I used to ride as a child so love all things horsey and TBH my main reaction would be envy!!

Nicename · 26/11/2014 17:56

Feh. I once went to the supermarket and found a huge clump of museli in my hair. I put my hand up to scratch my head and there it was, size of s drinks coaster, cemented into my hair.

Noone had eaten muesli that day on out house. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what it was??

Pixel · 26/11/2014 18:45

I do but I always change out of my wellies anyway as I won't drive in them. If my coat is particularly grotty I'll leave it in the car when I go into the shop and my current favourite jodhs are denim so just look like skinny jeans to the casual observer!
The main problems is my nails are usually filthy Blush.

Plomino · 26/11/2014 22:12

Always . I don't tend to wear my yard boots because the horses are at home , so I change into trainers , but I frankly cba to change everything to go shopping , pick up the kids from school then come back and change again to finish the horses . Too much like hard work .

Keepswimming123 · 26/11/2014 22:58

I always pop in on the way home. I change my boots, and try and brush hay out of my hair, but generally stink a bit and invariably a bit of straw or whatever pops out of my welly, or curls endearingly into my hair... No-one bats an eyelid and I am in north London... In fact, I get the impression that some of the 4X4 mums wish they had some actual horse poo to make their wellies authentic...!

Mitchy1nge · 26/11/2014 23:03

god yeah

I just trail mud straw hay and bits of dead rat or anything else I've trodden in, like poo, everywhere I go

wouldn't occur to me to hose my boots (for one thing they sort of leak) or get changed Confused

pinkmagic1 · 26/11/2014 23:10

Always. Not enough hours in the day to go home and change. Wash hands and have a quick spray of deodarant first to try and mask the horsey smell. Rarely bother changing my boots, just scrape the worst of the mud off.

Zazzles007 · 27/11/2014 08:48

Yep, have been known to pop into the supermarket on the way home, but would have changed in clean, non-smelly shoes, and brushed most of the dirt and hay off. Twas in a quite horsey area though, and no one looked twice.

Goingintohibernation · 27/11/2014 13:30

I'm glad it's not just me. You've all made me braver, I did the school run yesterday in my riding stuff. DS wasn't impressed though Grin

OP posts:
Goldenlab · 27/11/2014 18:44

Don't wear my yard coat out as it really stinks of stables. Wear my yard boots just about everywhere though.

notquiteruralbliss · 29/11/2014 19:47

Yes. All the time. If I remember I take my spurs off.

OscarWinningActress · 29/11/2014 22:13

Always! The grocery store is halfway between my barn and my house and with three DC I'm always having to run in for bits-and-bobs. I see construction workers grabbing a sarnie in there's no different, surely? This might be weird but I feel more 'me' when I'm wearing muddy boots and have shavings in my hair. I like naice clothes too but I always feel like I'm playing dress-up in those. The other day I was at the barn all day and had to take my boys to Tae Kwan Do right my breeches and the stripy knee socks I wear under my boots. I got some curious looks from the impossibly well-groomed Moms. I brushed it off Grin. When you get to spend a large chunk of your days goofing around with horses, who cares really?

Millie2013 · 03/12/2014 21:26

I hose my wellies off and take off my smelly mucking out coat first, as I have occasionally caught a whiff of myself in the queue and thought "ewwwww"

Lovelybunchofcocopops · 05/12/2014 17:53

Yes, but I do swap my riding boots for trainers that live in the car, the long socks and trainers combo is very in fashion I believe! Brush hay and straw off, wash my hands.
I do the school run in my yard stuff, but 1 or 2 others mums do the same, so I am not alone.

TheWindowDonkey · 10/12/2014 00:36

Wouldn't even think twice about it, in fact turned up to Ds's nativity tonight having picked out loan pony's hooves and groomed her and stayed in my yard gear. Had a carrot in my pocket too. :) Did wash my hands, but couldn't give two hoots what anyone thought. (And I'm sure no one noticed anyway with all the cute kids singing!)

RunDougalRunQuiteFast · 10/12/2014 18:25

I am envious of those in horsey gear and give them a surreptitious sniff! (Haven't ridden in ten years and miss it and the gorgeous sweaty horsey smell)

Pixel · 10/12/2014 19:37

It doesn't work quite as well the other way around though, when you try to save time by stopping at the field en route to somewhere posher else. So you've got your only decent coat on and some smart trousers, you'll only be five minutes chucking some hay in, what could go wrong? The answer is plenty as your horse is bound to sneeze and cover you in horse snot and you will be picking hayseeds out of your best coat for the next two days .

Pixel · 10/12/2014 19:39

For sneeze read snort of course!

horseygeorgie · 19/12/2014 22:24

All the time! I spend 95% of my waking moments smelling like a horse. My thread would be 'Is it really odd to go to the supermarket NOT smelling of horses!?'Grin
In my defence I do work with horses.

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