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Dd invited to go hunting with local hunt

4 replies

mistybear · 16/10/2014 19:46

my dd who is 9 has been invited to going hunting ??she is a member of the hunts pony club and is a good little rider but has never done anything like this, even though I ride I do not have a horse to go with her so I am a bit worried about what will happen x the pony is well mannered but can be strong and excitable and has never done any kind of hunting x I have spoke to the pony club and they have said there will be someone to look after the little ones who don't want to jump x so really I am after any mums who have been in this position and can give me any advice ???? x and please no nasty comments about hunting as its a drag hunt around a crountry ride x

OP posts:
futureponyclubmum · 16/10/2014 20:34

I would have a chat with the hunt secretary about it, double check that there will be non jumping routes, that it's child friendly etc. Is it a specific children's meet or a regular one she's been invited to? Trouble is it varies so much hunt to hunt, eg in our area Berkely are known to have very good childrens meets, but heard complaints about the Beaufort ones. Drag hunting does tend to be much faster than regular hunting so there will be likely lots of galloping (I presume pony is fit??).I'd be fully prepared for pony to be a handful it may well blow his mind if he's never been. Have you done any fun rides or such like. How well does she cope?? I'd consider trying a stronger bit and put a neck strap on if not got one. You really need to be able to foot follow her round in a vehicle again something to ask the Secretary. Finally 9 is still quite young, to hunt you need to be quite savy especially on small pony with big horses galloping around you. It's easy to get crushed or kicked in gateways and confidence is easily knocked with little ones. I used to hunt as a kid but I played polo so used to hooning around in a group and trusted pony and his brakes 100%. Maybe I'd road test pony on fun ride or hound exercise next season first then try hunting.

backinthebox · 16/10/2014 20:51

Our hunt have a junior hunt club and nominated 'Mother Hens' (of which I am one) who are responsible for children while out hunting. I carry lead reins and a saddle bag with sweets and drinks for emergency purposes Wink. We've only been doing it for the last year, but it seems to be going well. I have only taken children that I know out so far, but the Mother Hens seem to ride in a little gaggle at the back and keep an eye on all the kids. We seem to be responsible for about 2-3 children each.

I would be happy to send my child out at 9 if they were with a named adult and rode beside them - this is how I learnt years ago as my mother didn't hunt and I was sent out with a variety of friendly grown ups. I wouldn't just send them out in the field on their own though at that age, and especially not the first time they went. As has been pointed out, sometimes ponies can find it a bit exciting and children need a bit of help and encouragement. (Even my DD on her little brother's rock steady pony needed me galloping after her yelling 'SLOW DOWN!' and she is only 7 Grin.

Best thing you can do in advance is ring the secretary and ask them how it worked in their hunt for littlies.

mistybear · 16/10/2014 21:50

Hi thank you for the replies, tribbie pony is fit and she has galloped in a field with a couple of other ponies but it does worry me that it will blow his mind but he was ok at at pony club camp doing the cross country, it's a invitation only pony club meet ??? She is a very sensible little girl who does have a good seat and balance and really wants to go ???? I will ring the hunt secretary and see if I can follow on foot and car and that they do have mother hens (what a lovely idea I now have little hens riding ponies in my head??) looking after them x I do agree that she is a little young but she is adimant that she would like to give it a go I think she has been reading too many pony books !! But I guess that you can leave when you want after informing the master you are going ? If this one is not suitable I will hire a horse that is experience and take her myself x

OP posts:
backinthebox · 18/10/2014 19:23

You can leave any time you want - make every effort to find the field master and say goodnight. If you cannot find the field master, at least try and let someone know you are leaving.

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