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fell off onto my hip

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tallulahturtle · 21/09/2014 16:33

Was having a jumping tune up lesson and managed to go out the front door (i have recently returned to jumping and on a very green horse so please dont judge) :) , got slightly winded but my right hip took most of the force. It has been very painful ever since it happened this afternoon. Any tips? Should i ice it? Rest it? Keep it moving? Got work tomorrow in a physical job so not looking forward to the morning. :/ would a glass of wine help?

OP posts:
britnay · 21/09/2014 19:25

Ice, rest, keep the leg raised and relaxed. Take some ibuprofen. Rub some arnica on it. A glass of wine wouldn't hurt ;)

Whatever you do, make sure you get it checked out in the next few weeks.

I got thrown off about 10 years ago, taking most of the impact on my right knee and hip. I didn't get it seen to. I now have a lot of problems with it - getting clicky, getting stiff and achey in cold weather, not moving past a certain point sometimes... I favoured the left side for a long time, so I also have problems with it.
For example, I cannot mount from the ground anymore, I just don't have the strength or range of movement in my hips.

tallulahturtle · 21/09/2014 20:46

Thanks, the bruising is coming out now so hoping to get a bit more sympathy :) and something to show for the pain. Have taken ibuprofen and a bit of wine. Have rested it for most of the afternoon apart from having to go poo pick. Standing and walking are a bit painful but the worst is sitting and getting up and driving as well as getting in and out the car. The surface of the skin is incredibly tender so im hoping its just a nasty hit of bruising. Still having physio for a neck injury so will get it looked at as don't want to be storing up future problems. Really need to stop falling off in jump lessons, its bloody embarassing :)

OP posts:
Zazzles007 · 22/09/2014 06:35

Err, you should go to your GP and get yourself checked out. I always, always do this after a fall, especially if there is still ongoing pain. You may have done something to your hip, and only by going to your GP will you find out.

For example, one time I fell off at an eventing comp, and landed heavily on my left shoulder, and to a lesser extent my left hip. I went to my GP on Monday morning who diagnosed bursitis in the shoulder and hip joint, and gave me some simple physio exercises to do. The bursitis resolved in 3 weeks, and has not come back. But you need to see your GP.

kittykarate · 22/09/2014 16:15

Get to the doctors and get it checked out. Don't be a dumbass like me!

I came off a horse about 8 weeks ago and apparently tore my periformus muscle which meant some things were really tricky (getting off the sofa, taking off my socks, getting onto a horse) , but others such as standing and walking were fine. Of course I ignored it for about 3 weeks until it became intolerable. I now have some exercises to work on it, and it's definitely improving, but I'm not supposed to ride for a while more.

tallulahturtle · 22/09/2014 16:43

Just phoned doctor and have been advised to go to minor injuries as doctor will send me there anyway. Not good with hospitals (emetophobic) so may try pick a quiet time to go down.

OP posts:
Bonkey · 22/09/2014 19:11

I feel off 5 weeks ago and bashed my hip and broke my ribs .

My hip hurt but not horrendous (i was more worried about my ribs, they were more worried about my pelvis!)and they still sent me for a x-ray to be on the safe side!

Go and get checked out just in case and good luck!

God love these horses for their flying lessons Wink .

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