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Show on Sunday :)

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Tashaburrows · 15/07/2014 20:40

It's my dds first show on Sunday we are going simple and doing one in hand one lead rein and one bonny pony class off the lead rein. Any tips for surviving your first show ? She is 6 and is dying to get going and is very brave. It's me that is terrified lol. She has a brilliant bond with her pony and I know he will look after her but it's a whole new world :) also it doesn't really say what bonny pony class is ? I am thinking there version of first ridden ? We will be doing this in walk and trot if this is the case as canter can be a bit wonky :) I have a feeling this is the start of something we are going to be doing a lot of :)

OP posts:
Butkin · 16/07/2014 18:34

Excellent and very good luck to your DD - we look forward to hearing how she gets on and your future plans!

I've never heard of a bonny pony class - see what other wording it has on the schedule to pick up some clues!

Tips for surviving:

  1. Have fun regardless of placing!

  1. Get there in plenty of time so you can make your entries, pick up your number (take scissors to cut it down if too big for her back), check out your ring, work your pony in properly and still give yourself time to tidy him up before the class.

  1. Is he an M&M or plaited? If M&M ideally she'd wear tweed, if plaited she'd wear blue jacket. Don't worry first time out though.. Try to borrow a leather leading rein for the LR class rather than a rope one.

Put a fitted numnah (ie one that doesn't show) under the saddle.
DD should wear jod clips or elastics to keep her jods down to her boots.
You should wear an outfit with hat for leading and, ideally, you'd wear a hat or cap for any grooming you do in the ring.

  1. Teach her a (simple) ridden show if she is doing one off the LR and as you say, keep it to walk and trot this time. Remind her to say good morning to the judge and when she halts do a neat (not overly expressive) salute to the judge.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of food and drink for your jockey and also waterproof clothes just in case. We usually get our DD to wear waterproofs of tracksuit bottoms over her jods when warming ponies up so that at least she starts clean for the first class.

We remember when DD started when she was 2 1/2 (she was still in nappies!). We're off to the Showing Register Show on Sunday chasing our HOYS ticket..
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