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Possible horse neglect?

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TiggyD · 14/07/2014 18:29

I want to be a bit vague on some details of where this is as reporting might drop me in it.

The horses are 2 Shetland ponies(?) and one more bigger pony sized horse. Their shelter is a metal transporting container with a lean-to made from wood and tarp. Their yard is used as a bit of a dumping ground with old toys, clumps of dismantled wire fence, bins, etc, and today the remains of a bonfire complete with metal bits in. The field they have access into all day is a fair size but has wonky wire inner fences around to keep them away from the main fence. Some of the inner fences have fallen over. There's also rather a lot of ragwort around which I thought was bad for horses. Most of it is just outside the fence but still reachable, but there are straggly bits in the middle of the field.

Is it bad? And reportable to the RSPCA bad?

OP posts:
FlockOfTwats · 14/07/2014 18:53

If theyre not starving the RSPCA will do nothing. And if they are they do very little.

What sort of condition are they in?

TiggyD · 14/07/2014 19:22

The little ones are round, which looks kind of normal for that make. The bigger one looks like any other horse. It's more the safeguarding aspect I was worried about.

OP posts:
Millie2013 · 15/07/2014 21:15

That doesn't sound good, I'd contact world horse welfare in the first instance, but providing they have access to food (grazing) and water, the welfare agencies may not do anything

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