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Full loan - Do people do it anymore?

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FlockOfTwats · 11/07/2014 18:40

I've part loaned and owned my own horses before, but i've never full loaned and taken a loan horse to my own yard. And i can't seem to find any adverts that don't specify 'to stay on present yard'.

Do people do it anymore? Or am i looking in the wrong places?

I'm not after anything flash or even specific really - The only absolute musts are not a cob (Not allowed them on the yard) and not a head case - It would be for me to school and hack, and the YOs (very capable rider) grandaughter (12) to have lessons on as she has outgrown her pony. Owners live on site so everything is supervised and watched over 24/7.

Any ideas??

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FlockOfTwats · 11/07/2014 18:40

And i'm in the north west if that helps

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Pixel · 11/07/2014 20:15

I do still see full loans going on (in south here) but I think people are a lot more wary (the 'missing on loan' website will give you a few reasons why). Without knowing where you have been looking it's hard to say if you have been looking in the wrong places Wink but perhaps if you did your own 'wanted' advert and stated that you could supply references (from previous owners or part-loans maybe) then you might have more luck?

Why no cobs?

FlockOfTwats · 11/07/2014 22:05

Mainly preloved.

I have a pony on loan currently for my children and his owner would be happy to reference, I lost contact with the lady I part loaned from for myself though, my mum might know her full name though.

Yeah I did wonder if people were out off more nowdays and more wary.

Basically our fields got absolutely trashed and churned up in days by two big cobs so YO just said not again. She doesnt mind lighter weight or cob crosses just nothing heavy. I think shes just cautious.

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Flexibilityiskey · 12/07/2014 13:49

I have a horse on full loan. I put a wanted advert on NFED and got a fair few replies, so that is definitely worth a try, or your local equivalent There did seem to be lots of people trying to loan horses with issues though, so it took a while to find the right one.

FlockOfTwats · 12/07/2014 20:59

Not been on there before but will have a look and pop a couple of adverts up.

Im not too fussed about time, we are moving the poniestoo another yard for a few weeks while some work Is done on our fields so I have time, and id rather wait mo ths for the perfect pony than take an unsuitable one for the sake of it.

Our yard isnt fancy or anything so im hoping it wouldnt put peopl e off, but its tidy and functional and the ponies are all a good weight on it, so as much as it doesnt look the best it works :) and I think havinf owners on site is a bonus too surely?

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Pixel · 12/07/2014 21:14

You could try charities. Someone at our field has a lovely little cob on full loan. Nowadays charities are being asked more and more to help find homes for perfectly nice horses and ponies because the owners can't afford to keep them, not because there is anything wrong with them.

FlockOfTwats · 12/07/2014 22:54

NFED is south i'm such a prat haha, was looking on there going 'Why are they all down south'.

Pixel - Yes i've noticed that. I keep thinking about them but i'm paranoid that they would tell me im shit or laugh at me (No idea why) or that they will expect to turn up to a 5* full livery shiney shiney yard, not our little 5 stables, sand paddock and a couple of fields that don't look anything special.

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Pixel · 13/07/2014 00:29

I'm sure they don't base your suitability on how posh your facilities are, we don't have any stables (only shelters) and no sand school of any description! What we do have is paddocks free of poo and poisonous plants, clean water, safe fencing etc. That's probably paradise after some of the places they must rescue animals from.
It wouldn't hurt to ask, what have you got to lose? Smile

FlockOfTwats · 13/07/2014 00:48

Haha, logically i know that! But then there is this silly illogical bit of my brain that whispers doubts into my head haha.

I will get on it on monday i think when OHs parents have been.

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