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How much for grass livery?

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moobaloo · 11/07/2014 14:33


My field is in desperate need of a break before winter and I've found a local lady who will take my four natives for four weeks august/september.

She has a few liveries already and her own horse. She will check them twice a day, fill up water and poo pick. This is handy for me as I have a six week old baby (currently harrowing instead of poo picking and they're at home) so it takes the pressure off going every day. They'll be on a couple of acres with a small shelter. Nice paddock, no ragwort, plenty of grass.

She has asked me to have a think about how much I want to pay... I've kept them at home for 7 years and have no idea what livery is worth any more!

How much would be reasonable to offer?

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
moobaloo · 11/07/2014 14:34

Oh and don't know if it affects prices but we are in a very rural location, nowhere near big towns etc.

OP posts:
Eelseelseels · 11/07/2014 20:50

Going rate around here would be about fifteen quid per wek per horse, DIY grass livery. We are in a built up area though..

snowpo · 11/07/2014 21:12

Probly depends a lot on what part of the country. Surrey/Sussex grass livery one horse with no help would be around £25pw, with help up to £40pw.

Bonkey · 12/07/2014 11:28

Grass livery here (somerset) would be £10-£15pw depending on the field per horse.

I would however add some on because the lady will be checking/watering/poo picking for you.

Nobloomingideapgornot · 15/07/2014 08:44

My friend charges £240 per pm month per horse for pooh picking/field maintenance, checking twice per day and water supply. Also includes the staff required as on a livery yard.
They have afield shelter and about 5 acres with 3-5 horses on
This is in Surrey

mrslaughan · 15/07/2014 17:37

Edge of St Albans, Hertfordshire it would be £203 a month

Millie2013 · 15/07/2014 21:19

If she is doing all the work, maybe £200/month/horse, but you might be able to negotiate a discount for all four?

FlockOfTwats · 16/07/2014 00:00

£10 - £15 per horse a week here, with a rota for poo picking/field stuff like checking for ragwort and pulling any up etc, water.

I would offer more if horses were being checked etc though.

Shock at some of the prices.

Nobloomingideapgornot · 16/07/2014 17:38

It's not just the horse your paying for its the business rates, rent or mortgage on property, maintenance of yard/school/paddocks, jumps, utility bills, there is a large tack room with tea making facilities,staff, they will organise the farrier for you, checked twice a you may be aghast but like every business they have overheads to cover.
It's not just pony in a field!

FlockOfTwats · 16/07/2014 18:01

Bloomig - I know what youre paying for. I just had no idea it varied so much regionally. I was similarly shocked when I realised the massive difference in house rentals too haha.

Nobloomingideapgornot · 16/07/2014 22:32

Ha!! Fair enough....

skinthorseowner · 12/08/2014 16:21

my yard in Bedfordshire is £90 pcm for grass livery, which includes the horses being checked daily & hay put out in winter. Fields are rotated and harrowed so no poo picking required Smile

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