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Livery yards near Clare in Suffolk...

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pknight900 · 05/07/2014 16:32

Hi, I'm moving to Poslingford near Clare in August and I need to make arrangements for my horse to do the same. He's an 18h a friesian. I only really hack at the moment so I don't need anything too fancy. I'd also be interested if anyone was interested in becoming a sharer - happy for them to do more with him in exchange for help with jobs. Any suggestions greatly appreciated as I've had no luck so far!

OP posts:
Butkin · 06/07/2014 19:46

Although I've been hunting round Poslingford I don't know the stables there. I've got a work colleague who lives in Cavendish so I'll ask him..

Pepperpot69 · 07/07/2014 23:36

Go and see Mel Brookes at Hartest, she is brilliant!!

Butkin · 09/07/2014 21:11

That's a good point. Yes Mel and Matthew are great - I had a hunting livery with them a few years and they are really good people. Their daughter is a successful pony racing jockey now.

sam111a · 22/07/2014 14:21

Hi Ive also recently moved to poslingford and I have my horses with Mel. All good so far and both Mel and Matthew are very experienced and helpful. Would suggest give them a go. I'm happy for you to contact me if you need any help. thanks SAM

pipsy76 · 23/07/2014 21:04

I'm at Elm farm in Depden , great yard but I think we are full at present,"...... now can I hijack this thread and ask if any of you locals have hunted with the thurlow or suffolk as I want to go for the first time this autumn and could do with some tips/ friend. Thanks sorry for the blatant hijack Wine

FrankelandFilly · 23/07/2014 21:09

pipsy if you are free this weekend the Thurlow are running a "hunt hack". More info here. It might be a good way to get to know a few people.

pipsy76 · 23/07/2014 22:04

I'd love to but the hunt hacks are all when I'm on holiday, thanks for the suggestion though, I'll keep an eye on their website

Lesuffolkandnorfolk · 29/07/2014 14:40

Looks like you have been well advised here. If any of you could add these businesses or review them on Suffolk Local, I'd be really appreciative. Here are our local horse riding and livery listings.

Also do follow me on @mumsnetsuffolk- I am happy to tweet any requests for help.

Oguh · 06/08/2020 11:25

I noticed a thread about livery near Poslingford. Can anyone tell me the contact details for Mel and Matthew Brookes? Thank you

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