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Riding schools/instructors in Oxfordshire?

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lastnightIwenttoManderley · 22/06/2014 18:32

DH and I are moving to Abingdon in the summer. I used to ride regularly (lessons and borrowing horses) when I was younger but have not ridden regularly for, realistically, ten years. I'd love to get back in the saddle when we move and wondered if anyone knows any good stables within 1/2 hr?

I've had a few gallops in the meantime and can jump but I know my previous instructors indulged a few bad habits; I need someone who can tell me what I need to hear rather than what they think I want to hear, if that makes sense! Not just a riding school pony who will plod around the same route week after week because they know the drill.

All suggestions welcome, will be getting DH to ask around too once he's settled in new area/job.

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