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scaredy-pants no more!

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matildasquared · 16/06/2014 15:33

I posted last week about the panic attacks around mounting.

Today I led the horse into the school, put the mounting block in place, took a breath, mounted, and got moving. No hesitation at all!

We then proceeded to learn the rising trot!

My instructor was great and helpful. The horse was steady as a rock.

I'm now prancing and preening. The rising trot! Me!

Thanks for all the supportive advice before.

OP posts:
FlockOfTwats · 16/06/2014 16:11

Well done OP! I'd come on to see if you'd posted yet haha.

Glad you're enjoying it :)

matildasquared · 16/06/2014 18:56

[Prance prance prance]

OP posts:
Flexibilityiskey · 16/06/2014 19:31

Oh wow, well done! There'll be no stopping you now.

matildasquared · 16/06/2014 19:40

Havin' a good time, havin' a good time.

OP posts:
daisy5569 · 16/06/2014 21:16

thats brilliant news, well done! Onwards and upwards!
I'm proud of myself tonight, have been riding for years and years but lost my nerve following an accident recently (I wasnt hurt in accident so no reason for me being a wally) And my lessons have gone to pot a bit and I cant face hacking, but tonight I managed a reasonable canter figure of 8 which I haven't done for ages Grin its a nice feeling and hopefully on the step to get back to where I was with my riding

MummaSmurf1 · 16/06/2014 22:27

I would thoroughly recommend Perfect Confidence by Kelly Marks for anyone who has lost their confidence in riding ( or not found it yet!).

FlockOfTwats · 18/06/2014 09:26

I was very pleased with my lesson yesterday too, I got the horse in a decent outline :)

Daisy I cantered figure of eight the other week which i hadn't done for ages too (Had a year break). Prouuuddd.

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