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DespicableMeh · 17/05/2014 17:55

Forgive me for the following stupid questions! Eldest two daughters 7,9 have had a few riding lessons and I'm now looking into a local part loan, so they can gain more ex£25pw, days and duties to be discussed, but the person I spoke to seemed pretty flexible. They mentioned we would need to get riders insurance, would anyone be able to advise how much that's likely to be for both girls (15yo part bred 12.2hh gelding)?

Also, can I expect to use their tack etc and would hats/back protectors be the only things I'd need to buy?

Finally, how many days should I expect the girls to have access to yard/pony for this price and what will they have to do?

Sorry, it's been years since I've ridden, and I never had a loan/share, so I haven't a clue!

OP posts:
Pixel · 17/05/2014 19:29

If they become members of the British Horse Society they will automatically be insured. According to this it costs £43 for the year.

I haven't much experience of loaning myself so can't help with all your queries but where I live the going rate for shares seems to be about £10 per day so maybe two days? And yes the tack would normally be supplied as the owner would (hopefully!) want to make sure you were using tack that fitted the pony properly.

JerseySpud · 17/05/2014 22:21

I wouldn't be getting a loan/share until they have been riding a few months and are definately sure they want to do it (ie know what other jobs there are to do with horses, have fallen off the first time and still want to get back on etc etc).

Otherwise it could end up as you do all the work and they just ride when they feel like it

Gymbob · 19/05/2014 22:33

My 15 year old loans a horse for 2 days a week, and that costs £20. She (well she and I) also mucks out, does some poo picking and sweeping etc, apart from the grooming and hoof picking etc. I love horses so usually hang about and get busy.

You would definitely use the tack that belongs to the horse.

Because your daughters are so young, you'd be supervising at all times, and overseeing any jobs the owner wants the loaner to do.

A word of warning though. In my experience, horse owners generally treat their horses like their babies - there's nothing wrong with that, they adore them - but in the past we have had 2 loans severed because the owners didn't like something that my daughter did. We thought it was trivial, but it wasn't to them. So now I make sure that the owner is happy and we really do sing to their tune to ensure continuation of the loan. My daughter is really in love with her latest equine squeeze. Beats boys any day Grin

Booboostoo · 23/05/2014 17:29

Just wrote a long reply and the internet ate it! Here goes again!

The BHS have an excellent sample loan agreement. The questions on there will prompt you to discuss all sorts of issues with the owner to avoid problems later on.

Having said that I think it is a bit rash to go into a part-loan after a few lessons. RS lessons are on very well schooled ponies, in a group with other well schooled ponies, with an instructor overseeing, in a safe environment. On a loan you are on your own: you have to judge the pony's temperatment and read what might be happening on a particular day, teach your DDs, facilities may not be that good, other people may not be available for hacking out, etc.

Why not get your DDs some more lessons so that they have more experience? In an RS they can ride many different ponies and move onto more advanced ponies as their own skills develop. They can take stable management lessons and have fun around other children. Some RSs also offer a loan a pony week in the summer which is an excellent way to have the complete experience without having to deal with a lame pony in the middle of the mud and rain of the winter!

DespicableMeh · 01/06/2014 20:24

Thanks for all your comments and advice, I took the plunge and we're doing 3x week. Girls have been poo picking, saddle cleaning and general yard tidying each time for the last couple of weeks. Pony is ideal for them, very very placid, easy to catch and doesn't mind cuddles from them. Have only see a little twitch from him today, due to crab flies. It's brilliant for me too, yard is very friendly and I'm catching up with all the stuff I've forgotten and learning lots too. Loan arrangement can be terminated with 1 months notice, so don't feel tied in should their interest wain over the coming months etc. Hopefully it won't though...

OP posts:
Gymbob · 01/06/2014 22:28

That's great, you seem to have it all worked out. good luck with it!

Think there's something wrong with my arrangement.....on Saturday DD did the riding whilst I did the poo picking Confused

DespicableMeh · 01/06/2014 23:33

Ha ha, I know that feeling already - my two were playing with one of the dogs whilst I was on poo duty, but they were handy with the wheelbarrow!

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