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oh, look at this nice welshie

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Mitchy1nge · 02/05/2014 21:39

she seems very calm, friendly and interested in everything

was expecting some silliness but so far happy to relax in her stable

oh, look at this nice welshie
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Eve · 02/05/2014 21:40

Ahhh. Details, height, age, plans for her. Etc etc

She does look lovely.

Mitchy1nge · 02/05/2014 21:51

she's rising 5 (why did I do that? never mind too late now) and quite a small looking 15hh Hmm not small bone, just doesn't look 15hh to me but we'll see. backed by a friend for someone and together they have got her off to a great start - she's been to a few shows and was placed each time, did a nice test (first time she had ever been in an arena!) 64% I think and has hunted rather more successfully than my boys who are old enough to know better

plans are for my youngest daughter to do some unaff sj xc eventually but she starts Boot Camp (horse not daughter) on Tuesday and we'll see what the verdict is

she doesn't need to do anything more than walk, trot, canter and jump - we are easily pleased :)

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Mitchy1nge · 02/05/2014 21:55


oh, look at this nice welshie
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PolkaSpottyDotty · 02/05/2014 22:00

I want one! Envy

Pixel · 02/05/2014 22:52

She's very photogenic isn't she Smile. I'm sure she's smiling at the camera.

5OBalesofHay · 05/05/2014 20:44

Awww, she's so sweet looking. Looks very at hone.

mrslaughan · 05/05/2014 20:58

She is lovely!

Mitchy1nge · 05/05/2014 21:30

:) thanks

oh, look at this nice welshie
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Millie2013 · 06/05/2014 20:45

Ahh, I have a soft spot for orange welshies, I have one, who is a real sweetie, if a And I lost my absolute pony of a lifetime last week (also orange and welsh)

Mitchy1nge · 06/05/2014 22:22

:( millie Flowers

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NigellasDealer · 06/05/2014 22:25

she is really lovely mitchy, what a cutie.
sorry for your loss millie

Pixel · 06/05/2014 23:08

She sounds nice. Don't suppose you've got a picture?


Millie2013 · 07/05/2014 12:01

Thank you, we had 26 amazing years together and she literally went to sleep in the sunshine. It was the perfect end :)

Mitchy1nge · 07/05/2014 12:32

that's ideal, I couldn't imagine anything nicer! it's not usually how it goes is it

feel like have aged about 26 years today, she escaped twice before we got there and once I'd turned her out there was a glaring absence of Brown Horse in the field (he'd sort of waded through the pond and gone into the impenetrable hedge somehow and was just standing very still, staring at our favourite canter track Hmm)

hope the new auto-lock bolts top and bottom will be welsh proof, think it was a protest about being on inedible shavings

OP posts:
Millie2013 · 07/05/2014 20:04

No, I was expecting a slow decline in health and mobility, or a colic, necessitating a horrid decision and so I am very grateful

She sounds like a right character! Definitely my kind of ponyhorse :)

Mitchy1nge · 07/05/2014 22:14


here she is discovering the pond today, with rodeo boy, and the best (brown) horse in the world

oh, look at this nice welshie
oh, look at this nice welshie
oh, look at this nice welshie
OP posts:
Mitchy1nge · 07/05/2014 22:25

am sure this photo thing will wear off soon, sorry Blush

oh, look at this nice welshie
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Millie2013 · 08/05/2014 13:01

They are all lovely!
Sorry, but the novelty didn't wear off for me, I have squillions of photos of my orange mares ;)

Pixel · 08/05/2014 18:59

We had an orange welsh on loan once. He was sooo handsome and a lovely mover. We gave him back because he kept trying to kill us sorry should I not have mentioned that?.

The best bit was, when the owner came to collect him she stood well back while her husband loaded him because "he doesn't like women".
It would have been nice if she'd mentioned that earlier!

Mitchy1nge · 08/05/2014 19:08


there is a bit of a handful of one lodging with us temporarily to be re-backed for the millionth time he tries to kill people but is STUNNING, I could stare at him all day, he is so beautiful despite his morbid obesity

our one is very sweet and very willing, exactly as my friend described, she did buck when asked to canter in the school for the first time but it was just a stroppy 'WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT?' rather than the somewhat more malicious bucking we experience with certain other ponies sometimes Hmm I haven't quite got it together to take her out alone yet, I keep thinking 'ohmygod she is FOUR' obviously more used to something nearly 40

she's a dream on the ground so far (I said SO FAR because I am braced for Typical Youngster Stuff That Might Happen) and backs up beautifully for gates that swing towards us and just waits patiently while you fuck about with hooks and chains and stuff

she has not worked out how to undo the new bolts yet ME 1 - ORANGE MARE 0

OP posts:
Butkin · 08/05/2014 19:10

Loving your updates!

ICallASpadeATrowel · 11/05/2014 19:18

Orange welshies are the best. I have one and he can be the most brilliant pony or the ginger fury all in the same day. He is seriously quirky but then again so am I Smile he is also gorgeous and moves like a dream

frostyfingers · 12/05/2014 08:53

I love that middle picture in your 7th May set - the two of them look as though they are planning some extreme wickedness!

I borrowed a 4yo Connie last weekend for a fun ride and couldn't believe how chilled he was - he would look at stuff and sort of telegraph the fact that he was going to spook (not like my bonkers TB who does it before you blink) - he spent the night with us and was so calm it was unbelievable. My horse prancing about and snorting had no effect on him, he allowed me, a total stranger, to groom, tack up and ride him without batting an eyelid.

Having said that I'm not used to having to kick on at all and found it a bit like hard work!

Mitchy1nge · 13/05/2014 12:32

:) I have a soft spot for connies

she's not behind the leg at all, quite the opposite, but it's starting to feel so good to have an utterly unspoilt horse. Flat work is rewarding for the first time in my life because the progress is so ready and obvious.

I think we will take her out to some shows soon, do a walk/trot test maybe somewhere. Can't stop thinking about hunting and the prospect of Behaving Ourselves and Being Normal instead of the mortification that was brown horse, or the borrowed horse that won't jump ditches but scrambles down them and up the other side, horrible (what sort of hunter in East Anglia doesn't jump a ditch?)

OP posts:
Mitchy1nge · 07/06/2014 22:39

superstar at the pony club annual show, especially with the added thrills of lightning

am so pleased with her :)

oh, look at this nice welshie
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