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The tack room

Andreas Helgstrand has lost his sponsors.

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RinkyTinkTen · 24/04/2014 23:22

And I should fucking think so too, it's a disgrace this is still allowed.

These pictures are just awful, I don't think I've ever seen a flash & noseband pulled so tightly. I can't begin to imagine how much pain the poor horse is in, and I'm glad I can't see the alleged damage from his spurs.

Shame on him, his grooms, the judges, the stewards and the Danish Equestrian Federation.

It's a sad day when sponsors lead the way for welfare in dressage.

Makes me sick and quite frankly despair.

OP posts:
FlockOfTwats · 25/04/2014 00:03

Oh gosh that poor animal :(

LastingLight · 25/04/2014 08:44

He should be banned from competition, and so should anybody else that treats a horse like that. He blames the equipment... really??? Even if he doesn't tack up himself, doesn't he look at his horse's face before getting on? It's disgusting.

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