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Livery at Speedgate Chislehurst

5 replies

Deborah51 · 27/03/2014 19:15

Can anyone recommend Speedgate Chislehurst for Livery please!!

OP posts:
Minx82 · 27/03/2014 20:12

Supposed to be friendly and well run, but I'd personally never livery there as hacking involves roadwork and very limited turnout. Have you considered speedgate Fawkham. Great off road hacking :)

Deborah51 · 27/03/2014 20:40

Bit too far for me fawkham but thank you for input ??

OP posts:
Floralnomad · 27/03/2014 21:24

I agree with minx and unless it has changed a lot recently the cars / parking would also concern me .

Deborah51 · 28/03/2014 04:15

Do you know if mottingham riding farm SE9 does livery???

OP posts:
Minx82 · 28/03/2014 21:47

Mottinghm farm doesn't, but New Lodge opposite does. Riding is quite limited there. You can ride in the field with horses turned out, dangerous IMO. The school you have to work around riding school lessons and last I saw was very thin (could hear their hooves hitting the concrete underneath) may have been re done as this was a couple of years ago? No jumping allowed. There is No hacking nearby, just roadwork. It isn't proper full livery. They come in at lunch and can be turned bk out but you have to go down to bring them in yourself I the eve. It's all very basic. Ok for retired horses but that's it IMO. If you want good livery you have to go a bit further into Kent. Well worth 10 extra mins in the car.

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