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Not sure how to go about this

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tallulahturtle · 06/03/2014 22:25

Right as my previous thread (am i being negative or realistic) we now have an outdoor school rather than just hacking .

Both horses have been out of work since the autumn and i would like to bring them back into work.

Question is, how? What stages should i take it in .

Ive bought another horse back into work (sort of) but it was at a place with just hacking so i just jumped on and went on long walks then put some trot in and then canter (she decided on the canter , it was a place we always cantered and 14 years later she hadn't forgotten so i thought ah let her dictate her speed).

But now these two can both be a bit hot after not being ridden and i would like to know the proper way.
Horse 1. Hanoverian who has been diagnosed with navicular and who is sound at the moment- how do we get her energy lowered before we sit on her without lunging as i know lunging is not good for navicular. Or would lunging be bad to do straight away even if no navicular?

Horse 2. Ex polo pony
She is an argentinian pony and was bought over after being broken the argentinian way (heavy handed , ropes , forceful etc) so she has probably never been lunged -is it too late to start now? She is 14 and very distrustful at first.

I want to get these girls fit but want to do it safely and at their pace so any advice would be much appreciated :)

OP posts:
Incapinka · 07/03/2014 07:25

I lunge everything before getting on them as have been catapulted too many times. You can soon see whether they are going to behave or not. Take them in the school fully tacked up and see what they do. I know it isn't ideal for either of them but hopefully they will just plod round. After a couple of laps I ask them to trot and if fine after a couple of circles I stop them and pull the stirrups down. Again ask them to trot and if no problems I hop on quietly. For the first few days just walking around the school will be fine and get them used to being ridden before heading out into the big wide world. Good luck!

frostyfingers · 07/03/2014 10:15

Maybe loose school rather than lunge if you're not sure? I know someone who does this so that they can leap about for a bit and then puts them on the lunge.

Stinkyminkymoo · 13/03/2014 09:21

Have you thought about long reining? I've started with my 3yo and it's great for getting their heads into the work ethic without the need to lunge.

My 3yo had swollen growth plates when he was 18 months so lot so f box rest & limited t/o Hmm as a result his left leg isn't straight so I'm avoiding too much lunging so as to avoid pressure on his leg. You could start out having lessons with an instructor.

Hope this helps, but it might not be a suitable option for you. Good luck Smile

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