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Do you still put your horses out when the weather is bad?

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Flexiblefriend · 04/02/2014 19:21

It seems to me that the done thing these days is to keep horses in if the weather is bad, and I just don't understand why? My horse is in at night through the winter, but he seems happy enough out in the rain, and wind, as long as he has a good rug on. So what do you all do? Do you keep them in the moment they might get wet, or is that just round my way?

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Mirage · 10/02/2014 22:17

frosty I think our lad must be related to your boy.Grin I thought dpony was a terrible pony for rolling,but only I could manage to find one worse than her.He too, can manage to get it up under his rug,I don't know how they do it.


frostyfingers · 11/02/2014 10:23

He was out on Sunday night too, but wasn't really dirty at all - I think the field was too wet, even for him, to lie down and have a snooze or roll.

I'd just finished plaiting ready for hunting (after 4 days had been cancelled) this morning and then that bloody storm came and put a stop to it. He's very confused now that I've taken them out, put another rug on and given him hay - I don't think I'll be venturing out in this today!


Daytona79 · 11/02/2014 10:26

Our yard keeps them in for

Heavy rain - trashed fields,
High winds - safety as horses go crazy.

We had 1 killed last year and another with spinal damaged due to charging about in high winds

The yard does not take risks now.

In a perfect world I love my mare out all day every day and in at night but i understand why my yard keeps them in sometimes and if I'm honest I don't mind if it helps stop her getting injuries.


Flexiblefriend · 11/02/2014 14:10

I also have one who is very very good at covering himself in mud. He wears a rug with a neck, but he still has mud all down his neck, up to his shoulders, and pretty much right up over his bum. I swear he is half hippo! He wallows rather than rolls.

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