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cleftmummy · 28/01/2014 07:24

Hey, desperately need some advice!
About 2 weeks ago, I bought a horse off some travelers who basically "didn't want the horse"
They didn't have a passport for her as she was bred there and basically never touched, I met parents who are a pair of driving horses, so I said to them "oh that's fine, I can get her passported as soon as my next pay comes through" (which is today)
Our yard is about half an hour down the road from where I bought her so we walked there as I couldn't use a horsebox without a passport.
Anyway, the day before she's due to get passported (so yesterday) I get a phonecall in a panic from my yard owners daughter saying she's being harassed by the travelers I got my horse from- apparently they've reported my horse as stolen, and they have the passport for her?! They've said they're going down to our yard today to pick up my horse- which is a bit dodgy as they knew what date I was getting a passport, they knew where she was going AND they have £1,200 of my money for her!


I don't know whether to panic or to just not believe it- the travelers granddaughter harassed me when I first got my horse because she wanted her as a breeding horse, and she's literally started harassing the yard owners daughter saying her breeding horse was stolen... even though the horse is 2 years old and I was told she was an accidental foal and they never had any use/want for her so she was being sold as they were spending out on feed and care for a horse they didn't want...???

OP posts:
OddBoots · 28/01/2014 07:32

How did you pay, what kind of receipt did you get for her? Gather together all the proof you have that you paid for her, any texts or emails or witnesses.

cleftmummy · 28/01/2014 07:37

paid by cash, just got a bit of paper saying she was sold, but it was signed by the older guy who isn't the one causing trouble. I don't have any texts/emails, I heard from a friend that the yard were selling a nice horse and decided to go down there and have a look. I have a feeling that they're reporting her and trying to take her back before I get her passported so they've then made a nice £1,200 and got the horse back to do it again to someone else! I don't have a great deal against them as it was all in person :S

OP posts:
Pixel · 28/01/2014 16:54

First of all I'd hide the horse! Otherwise they might just come back in the night and take it.

EnlightenedOwl · 28/01/2014 22:08
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