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Manchesterhistorygirl · 12/01/2014 22:19

Well you were all right, 1 leads to 2, etc. I now have four, four of the bloody buggers! GrinSmile

We took on a pair of Shetties yesterday. The most adorable fluff balls you could hope to meet. One for our youngest and one out on full loan (but staying on our yard). They have been swarmed by all the yard kids and have been so sweet and giving out kisses and cuddles all afternoon! They've been out for a few hours with the Heard and teamed up with their matching horse.

They are both coloureds and my big man is a coloured and they've all been grazing happily together. Grin my youngest had a wee ride today too and his pony didn't bat an eyelid and had a lovely time pootling around the paddock with him.

So there you go. After a childhood of never being allowed my own horses I seem to have my own pack and DIY livery yard. SmileGrin

I also have absolutely had to purchase a rather lovely long tweed coat to show lead rein.

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Oblique27 · 12/01/2014 22:27

Sounds lovely, perfect introduction for your children as you seem to have nice natured ponies Grin. My theory is being deprived of my own horse as a child (for completely correct reasons - £!) you never lose it....

Manchesterhistorygirl · 12/01/2014 22:40

I was deprived-ish. Grew up on said DIY livery yard, but my mum doesn't like horses (farm is my dad's family), but now I run it . So it's about time my kids got into it too. See my other posts about ds1's pony, who is turning more and more into a wonderful old lady. Grin

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SaggyOldClothCatPuss · 13/01/2014 15:18

Awww! Grin I too have 4! I'm sure that ponies actually reproduce like gremlins! Get them wet and another one just appears! Confused Hmm Grin
On a serious note, She tries are gorgeous, but please set a directive now for all of those attentive yard kids. NO TREATS. Its the quickest way to turn them into snappy little blighters! And remember they are still horses and not teddy bears and need all of the same exercise/stimulations.
Enjoy. Grin I love my fuzzy felts. I'd have a pony over a horse any day.

Butkin · 13/01/2014 17:24

Tweed hat to match next...

CQ · 13/01/2014 17:30

Awww I used to have a little coloured Shettie called Tosh - I had always planned to get a pair and do scurry driving and the other one would be called Mac, so the pair would be Mac'n'Tosh - cheesy Grin

He was an absolute little bugger and I loved him to bits. One day I will write a book about his escapades. He could break out of any field, once got into the feed shed with all the morning's feeds made up and ate about 24 of them. Would have killed any other horse, but I swear he had a boiler instead of a stomach.

He was in no way a child's pony though - he thought being ridden was far beneath him. He would tolerate lead rein classes, but any bigger child trying to actually make him do anything would always end up getting dumped. Loved being driven though - he grew an extra couple of inches when the harness went on, and thought he was extremely important.

Manchesterhistorygirl · 13/01/2014 19:24

The kids know about treats. They're for getting our little buggers (I include all my naughty horses) out of the field. Grin

These are such wonderful childs ponies. They'll be doing the same work as the big horse and eldest sons pony, including hacking out and eventually pony club. Smile

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