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Tack room heroes 2013

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Lovesswimming · 23/12/2013 11:59

Shamelessly copied from another forum but made me think of a lot of people here:
With 2014 fast approaching who are your tack room (Mumsnet) heroes this year!
For me the support last winter and through to spring/summer this year was amazing. Those I can remember are;
Notpoodle, lastsaloonnelson, chocolatecakeystuff, serenamoon, vicarinatutu, inneedofrain, superfluouscurves and razzdazz.
I'm sure there were many more but the messages and pm's helped me through.
So thank you!
I currently just have my lad Patch who I've now had for 4 years and my daughters pony Tia who we have now had for 18 months. And I need to go and muck out, the farrier is coming in this weather!
Please add to this thread, not specifically about my year but about who here in the tack room has helped you this year Smile

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 23/12/2013 17:01

Has it all sorted itself out?
I can't remember exactly which horse you had,.....but I know you were persuing a resolution, shall we say.

pipsy76 · 23/12/2013 19:18

yes how did you get on loves?

Littlebigbum · 24/12/2013 09:12

yes I want to know?

Lovesswimming · 24/12/2013 18:41

Oh, sorry guys! I just meant it to be a 'who do we all want to thank for being great this year thread' Smile
Brandy last time I spoke to the person who now has her is doing well. She's described as a horse that needs a very competent rider still bucks but has a cracking jump!
Having got lots of legal advise the evidence and case would have been very straight forward as I had her looked at by a good few experts and had her professionally re-broken from scratch (ground work 1st etc) and she was still prone to explosive bucking (threw trainer off). So all the 'how to bring a horse back into work after 6 weeks off' was a load of rubbish and it wasn't 6 weeks it was just over 4 and she wasn't chucked in a field (rant over)
Unfortunately it's not that simple and though people think they are protected by the sale of goods act if you buy off a dealer really it's a civil case in small claims. I'm pretty sure the case would have been won (I'm sure certain coblets people would disagree.) But it would have cost money to do and to travel back to London to have the case heard. That aside even on winning- as the dealer doesn't seem to have any assets lives in a caravan on site then there is nothing for bailiffs to remove to recover money. I was also not going to send Brandy back as her behaviour was so extreme I don't know what would have become of her. So my friend (who paid for her) decided not to go to court.
We did our best for her and I know a few people who did not buy after my (and others) story and I continue to give my experience where I can.
So enough about me. Grin who else has had lots of support on here? Xx

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 25/12/2013 19:16

well at least it was a good outcome for brandy.....but I am very sorry there is no recourse for your friend.

Its stories like this that scare me off buying a horse....but then I now have a near perfect share, so I am not very motivated.

I wonder what happened to Maggie and her owner........

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