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Can you Help please?

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GonzoGirl · 19/12/2013 18:12

I’m doing some basic research and I could really use your help.

All I need is your honest answer to this question:
What’s your single biggest frustration around buying the right horse or childs’ pony?
I'm putting some advice sheets together and although I'm a horse person myself - I haven't bought in a long time so don't want to miss anything important!
If you could just reply and send me a quick response I would REALLY appreciate it :-)


OP posts:
Elansofar · 19/12/2013 21:21

People who are clearly dealers, but claim they are private sellers and make up some scenario to make the sale seem matter of fact. People who say the horse is bomb proof when it is traffic shy. People who say horse has no blemishes, you get there and it has a blown tendon. People who say it is good in all ways, but when you ask to see it caught it does a runner....need I go on?

mrslaughan · 19/12/2013 22:03

yes basically all the liars..........all the people out to rip you off........

Mirage · 20/12/2013 12:50

The liars and people with no scruples.

marialuisa · 20/12/2013 13:12

I've been both buyer and seller this year, and actually selling has more than its fair share of problems too!

From a buyer's perspective I got really fed up travelling to see clean-limbed ponies who actually had socking great splints or ponies who were clearly massively under/over height-do they not think we'll put a stick on it?! We were quite clear what job the pony was wanted for and the ponies were being sold as suitable for it,when any idiot (me!) could see they wouldn't be.

From a seller's perspective a genuinely angelic pony can get pushed too far....Parents can also overestimate their child's abilities or look for the pony that will suit where their child wants to be and then things go wrong.

Butkin · 20/12/2013 15:33

Ditto Marialuisa. We're looking at ponies at the moment and we've told sellers we won't buy without a 2014 height certificate.

One thing that is frustrating is sellers who won't (I suppose can't) put videos up on Youtube. We always do and hope it saves people a journey.

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