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Cantering nerves

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Latestarter1 · 13/11/2013 18:30

I started weekly riding lessons in February this year at the grand old age of 54. I was pony mad as a child but we never had the money to pursue my dream of riding and then came a family so no time or money. Now I am finally fulfilling my dream, HOWEVER - it is so much harder than I expected!

I am fine with trot but cantering scares me to the point that it is really starting to stress me out and spoil the whole experience for me. I am never going to own my own horse and I know that I can sit the canter if I have to but I really don't like it so I have decided for the time being at least to just stick to walk and trot. I love trotting and am just happy being in the saddle but I must admit that I do feel a bit of a failure. Does anyone else feel like me or am I just a complete wuss?!

OP posts:
Onefewernow · 28/11/2013 09:48

Bump! I'd like to know too, as considering giving it a go.

Onefewernow · 28/11/2013 10:07
burberree · 28/11/2013 10:13

well if you are enjoying yourself .......
do you go out for a hack at all? if so you might relax a bit more, and stop worrying.
I do think that week after week in the school with someone correcting your every move might be a bit undermining.

lapetitesiren · 28/11/2013 10:20

I' ve been learning for years and am so scared I don" t know why I persevere. You do find though that you get used to doing things and then start to relax. If you were learning to ride a bike you would practice all the time but with riding you are more restricted in access so it takes longer to get used to things. I' m finally relaxing into cantering after being terrified. Realised the horse probably doesn' t want to crash either!
So no, you are not alone.

lapetitesiren · 28/11/2013 10:24

Also theres not a law that says you have to canter, its a good idea to try it a few times just so you can stay on in the event of the unexpected. I' m ready to move up a stage now but have spent years just going for a walk/ trot and really enjoyed it.

Melfish · 28/11/2013 10:28

I cantered on a lunge rein and the instructor made me take my hands off. Was scary at the time but helped my confidence. Would love to have the time and cash to do lessons again.

frenchfancy · 28/11/2013 18:01

Duplicate thread for those who would like to read more replies.

HOLLYH12 · 10/12/2013 20:46

I find cantering up hill is much easier than in a school. That is how I overcame my nerves. Keep at it one day you will get a real thrill once the nerves go. Closest thing to flying!

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