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How often ha it good to ride?

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sugar4eva · 17/10/2013 22:47

Our pony really seems to enjoy her work and to the extent that she gets over exited at first esp if dd has had a day off riding ; she does a mini rear and buck like she's a rocking horse and sometimes bigger than that by far. Instructor says it exit bent and has taught dd how to ride her thro it. If dd has a day off which is far it seems to get worse .shes on no hard feed. Does it make a difference to a currently living out pony to have a couple of days off a week ?

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Littlebigbum · 18/10/2013 10:44

Is she young have you had her long. And yes no hard feed for that one!

Butkin · 18/10/2013 11:02

We only ride our (non-show) ponies at the weekends and they are living out. I'd say that, if you're not feeding her, then her high spirits are more likely to be because she is too fit rather than the fact she is not being ridden for one day a week. Maybe try just lunging her a couple of times a week and only riding her 2-3 times a week to start with. You'll find that when the clocks change it gets difficult to ride more than that anyway unless you've got access to an indoor or floodlit school (presuming your daughter is at school).

sugar4eva · 18/10/2013 11:11

Since july.Shes 8.Shes been passed from pillar to post.

Not good on ground - unable to stand still unless something going onto look at- waives all over - no awarness body space.Knew that when bought her but not the buck rear. As-.Good jumping ,brakes and general ability.
Took her to one day event - Had 6 weeks- Ist time 67 % dressage,eliminated- Sj - one fence -couldnt cope with but done it since- and cleared a 3 mile x counrty course.Dd had whale of a time and pony seemed to too.

Once settled in saddle she seems well schooled

I cant tell if she is a nervy pony or an exitable one-.its as if her emotions get the better of her.!!For eg at show other day was fine - then put in canter - buck rear buck rear - trainer think s was anticipating jump in practice area.-rode her thro it in canter - then fab

,Seems very active mind - other ponys had would just doze in yard - never in a million years this girl. I dont know what the rear buck thing is?- what it means - try get dd off or exitement.?? She did massive buck at a show y day when a door did almighty clangCan a buck show different emotions in a horse such as exitement and /0r fear...Sadle and teeth fine .

Does.1. this pony need activity each day - im mean now-, she lives out for now -2. in at night in winter and in day and night if yard owner says depending on wet
Im imagining a build up of energy - lunge daily winter ..??thanks so much

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sugar4eva · 18/10/2013 11:14

Butkin-We have access to floodlight school.She looks fit...thats a good point - too fit.?/ its a balance between too much energy building and getting too fit ???im not very experiencd but want to do the v best i can and do right for this pony.we can ask instructor but any advise will be fab - thanks.

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sugar4eva · 18/10/2013 11:14

so is buck rear poss high spirtis ??

OP posts:
Butkin · 18/10/2013 12:30

She only needs to be as fit as she needs for the competitions you're doing. I'd give her a little holiday in the field and start again in a few weeks but you know her better than me.

It sounds as if she is being fed but if you say she is only on grass then that isn't the reason - especially at this time when the grass doesn't have much nutrition.

Ask your instructor and knowledgeable stable friends what they think.

Some ponies just like to buck though - it's their nature. However there is a difference between high spirits and meanness and experienced people should know the difference. Also try another jockey on her and see what they say..

sugar4eva · 18/10/2013 12:38

thanks - our instructor laughs at her - so must think high spirts - exitement.thanks again.

OP posts:
Gilbertus · 18/10/2013 16:22

Our smallest pony is only being ridden once in the week at the moment and twice at weekends. He's fine. I couldn't cope with a child's pony that needed working every day! How do you react to the buck? The rear would concern me but I know lots of people who could live with it if she was talented enough.

Zazzles007 · 18/10/2013 23:06

DPony does sound rather excitable and 'over-exuberant' in her work Grin. Some ponies do better with 6-7 rides per week, while others can do with less. She sounds like she might be more the 6-7 rides type of pony. Of course its up to you and your instructor to figure out her work regimen.

Also you might do some research into calming supplements like magnesium, or something which will take the edge off her excitement. I've never had to use them, but have read of people who have had success with them on nervy excitable horses/ponies.

Hope this helps

Plomino · 18/10/2013 23:49

I've got one of these , taken on as a bit of a rescue , who we've had for about six months. He's just naturally sharp , and really does need to be worked seven days a week to keep him in line . He's currently off at the moment , recovering from an injury that totally wasnt his fault , but before that we found that if we gave him a day off , the following day he was always very over exuberant . He too would do the mini rear , more of a momentary feet off the ground really , or try the drop shoulder and spin manoeuvre , and would really have to be growled at until he was suitably worked in and focused , but he's never really going to be a horse to totally relax on , he's just far too clever . Even while he's on box rest , he's constantly looking for something to do , or see .

I found that giving him the top spec calmer did make a noticeable difference however . He's much quicker to settle into work , rather than trying to rush everywhere at warp speed .

When we get back into work , he'll go back into working 7 days a week . I figure we're not doing very strenuous competition work , so he'll have the other 22 hours of the day to relax .

sugar4eva · 19/10/2013 15:02

Palomino; your pony seems v similar I'm temperament.ALso in trailer till set off , calling moving all time,she constantly looks round etc moves all time unless looking at something.will look into calmers. Will also try different regimes. She even fell over on her own feet in yard y day trying to see another pony . Calling etc . On the good side she loves her work; jump? Does not want to stop ! But does have brakes . Thanks to you and all for advice , feels lucky you lot out there!

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