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Riding boots - Hunter

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LadyCharlotteStinkySocks · 10/10/2013 16:24

Hi, I have recently started taking riding lessons and wondered if you can help me choose some decent boots.

How about:


or these

or maybe these?

Or any others?

Thank you!

OP posts:
Floralnomad · 10/10/2013 16:27

Personally for everyday riding I've always preferred jodhpurs boots rather than long boots ,having said that I wouldn't buy hunters as if they're anything like the wellingtons they won't last ten minutes.

ExitPursuedByABear · 10/10/2013 16:28

None. Sorry but you would be better off with a proper jodphur boot and chaps. Try Ariat.

You shouldn't ride in Wellies.

And Hunter are rubbish now that they are made in China.

LadyCharlotteStinkySocks · 10/10/2013 16:32

Thanks floral. May i ask why you prefer jodhpur boots? Would you be able to recommend any (online)?

Sad to hear the Hunter ones don't live up. I had my hopes up there. Do you think the hunter sole is suitable for riding? They do market the boots I linked to as equestrian. Confused

OP posts:
PestoSpookissimos · 10/10/2013 17:06

I prefer to wear

Woof Boots these days. Far more practical Smile

Littlebigbum · 10/10/2013 17:53

Like the look of woof boots seemed to spend last winter trying to bring in naughty youngster. Arhhh muddy fields

Butkin · 10/10/2013 18:07

I'd not ride in any of the boots you linked OP. Too clunky with thick soles.

I'd ride in Jod boots with half chaps. My favourites are Ariat Devon Pros but I know they are quite expensive - worth it though. You could find similar in cheaper brands.

The Woof Boots look good if you're just going to go hacking and also do yard/field work. I tend to wear my Ariats for riding and my Le Chameau wellies (much better than Hunters) for paddock/mud.

LadyCharlotteStinkySocks · 10/10/2013 19:45

Pesto, I also like the look of the Woof ones. The sole looks quite thick though. Given that I am a nervous beginner, do you think they are ok in terms of the stirrups? Because I have been wearing wellies with very chunky soles till now, I am a bit scared that a thick sole would get stuck in the stirrup... Blush.

Butkin, the ariat also look great I should probably go to a tack shop and try some on.

I guess jodhpurs are a must, or can I keep riding in my leggings? It might get a bit cold for that soon though.

Lastly, I see lots of people riding in Gilets. Where would you go to find one and are they good for riding outside in winter? What would you wear underneath?

Thank you again for the tack style advice Grin!

OP posts:
Littlebigbum · 10/10/2013 21:04

Jodhpurs are a must

backinthebox · 10/10/2013 23:23

Definitely try lots of styles and makes on. Boot choice is very much down to the individual. Eg lots of people like Ariat, but I had to sell my Ariat Bromonts - couldn't get on with the little laced bit up the front. Whatever you do though, don't buy those Hunters or any kind of welly for riding. A relative broke a leg very badly when her welly got stuck in a stirrup as she fell off. Buy proper riding boots - there are loads of them out there! Have a look at jodhpur boots and chaps/gaiters. Personally I prefer long boots, with Mountain Rider being my make of choice if I have the money, but I have a pair of Toggi Calgarys atm which are very nice.

Jodphurs are sort of important, although not essential. I ride at home in jeans a lot of the time, only wearing jodhpurs for shows and hunting (and when I want to look tidy! I don't wear immaculate jodhpurs to pick up the kids from school so that I can go 'Look! I am horsey!' like a couple of the mothers seem to though Hmm) You will get cold, and likely chafed, in leggings eventually, I reckon.

I ride in a gilet. They are EVERYWHERE this autumn. My current one came from Sainsburys, but I've had ones from horsey shops too. There is no discernable difference between the horsey and non horsey shop gilets. I put whatever I have to hand underneath it. I am not a very stylish rider Grin. Except (yes, you guessed it) when at shows or hunting.

If you are looking for a decent selection of what the fashionable horsey peeps are wearing atm, look at Robinsons and Rideaway online. Then have a look on ebay for the same but cheaper.

Offcolour · 12/10/2013 10:21

I've just started lessons again and got some loveson jodphur boots and Harry hall jodhpurs from amazon for about £85 for everything. It's started me off fine. Will probably invest in a hat next. Jodhpurs do protect your leg from nasty stirrup bruises (I got a real corker riding in jeans).

For the experienced horsey people, what are chaps for and do I need them? Are they just to provide further protection for your legs?

PestoSpookissimos · 12/10/2013 11:03

Woofs are lovely to ride in, no problems with stirrips at all (unless you foolishly use children's stirrups which are too small!)

ExitPursuedByABear · 12/10/2013 20:35

Chaps replace boots. Protect your calves

PoshPenny · 12/10/2013 20:41

Those neoprene topped ones in your first link are a good style for winter, lovely and warm, but completely unbearable in summer. I used to get them from the Muck Boot company, a bit cheaper there. Also once they spring a leak, they are awful. otherwise, I would recommend leather upper jodhpur boots and suede or leather half chaps for your lessons! and if you need a pair of wellies, then just have a cheapie pair for the dirty jobs.

frogwatcher42 · 12/10/2013 20:46

I also would use jodhpur boots and chaps (if required). I was dragged as a kid many times by wearing the wrong boots (too lazy to change) and then fell and foot would trap in the stirrup. Luckily I bounced in those days but nowadays I would be very careful what I wear on my feet. You need it to come out cleanly and easily if you fall.

PottyLotty · 12/10/2013 22:06

I would go for jodhpur boots. My winter boots were fleece lined and lovely to wear. I think they were Mark Todd or Dublin. I got them from (rather than which is a different company but maybe as good as the other).

If you ride at a ridng school check they will allow you to wear chaps before purchasing them. My childrens school does not allow them unless they are leather as the neoprene/synthetic ones can rub the hair off the pony apparently.

You can also purchase winter jodhpurs which are fleece lined although I usually just wear thermals under my jods.

LadyCharlotteStinkySocks · 12/10/2013 22:21

Thank you everyone for all the advice! I went to a nearby tack store today and bought a pair of Brogini jodhpur boots, cheap and cheerful. Smile

I also tried on some jodhpurs but couldn't find the right size due to my post baby wobbles Sad. Oh well, leggings will have to do for a couple of months more. Grin

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByABear · 12/10/2013 22:23

You are being disingenuous about the jods. There are styles to fit all shapes and sizes. Trust me!

LadyCharlotteStinkySocks · 13/10/2013 12:27

Exit, i tried on a size 14 which was too narrow on the waist but too wide (crinkly) on the legs Hmm. The shop didn't have much choice it I'll check at a different place next week.

OP posts:
dopeysheep · 13/10/2013 12:41

I have Brogini.jod boots they have been great BUT mine had very slippy soles and after sliding arse over tit into.some brutal nettles I got some sticky rubber patches from ebay to go on the bottom!

LadyCharlotteStinkySocks · 13/10/2013 14:44

Ouch Dopey that sounds painful. Thank you for the warning, I'll see if I can find some on eBay.

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