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Halloween Ideas

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roseyposeysmum · 10/10/2013 14:17

We are having a own your pony day at the yard on 31st October so thought we would tie in the Halloween theme, we are going to let them dress up etc but wanted to see if there was any games they could do on the ponies etc.

Any ideas ?


OP posts:
dopeysheep · 10/10/2013 15:27

I remember doing apple bobbing ages ago. Line up on ponies, belt down to a bucket, freeze your face off trying to grab apples while also holding the pony who was clearly thinking you had gone mad. Finally grab an appke, jump back on pony, race back to the start line and dump the apple in a bucket. Repeat.

You could maybe have the apples on sticks or something to avoid hypothermia as this was back in the.days before health and safety Grin

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