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Pony let me trim his ears :-) ridiculously chuffed

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Gilbertus · 06/10/2013 09:29

We've had him since April and he's put me through the wringer since then, hard to catch, hard to load, nappy in the ring - typical b**y pony! He also hates his ears being touched and had long waxy hair sticking out that drove me mad. If you went near his ears he would freak. I was brushing him yesterday and brushed gently round ears, didn't seem to mind. So I firmly stroked ears then held one - and he just stood there Shock

Hissed at dd2 to get the scissors, then gently folded ears and trimmed off waxy hair Grin gave him lots of praise and an apple and he let me do the other one Smile

Such a small thing but so nice Smile

OP posts:
Yorkieaddict · 06/10/2013 10:03

It's amazing how big some little things can be! It sounds like he is starting to learn to trust you, which must be a lovely feeling! Grin

Mirage · 06/10/2013 18:45

That is an achievement indeed.Smile Please come and do dpony's ears! She has been with us since July 2011 and was difficult to begin with.Although she trusts me completely now,and will let me touch her ears,there is no way I can get a pair of scissors anywhere near them.I think she was ear twitched in the past.Sad

Butkin · 06/10/2013 19:14
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