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Think we have pin worms,what to do?

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Mirage · 03/10/2013 11:24

Dpony has rubbed her bum hairless and our new pony has been itchy too.I've checked their bums daily,washed with dettol and applied sudocreme,but had seen no worms or eggs around them.Whilst I was poo picking yesterday,I saw a few grey white worms in the poo,about 4cm long and a few mm wide.I'm guessing these are pin worms.

What is the best wormer to use? I was going to worm them both for bots at the end of the month,but is there anything that will nail both? I have removed anything that they can scratch against from the field and poo pick daily,but am I best to put them on a fresh bit of pasture after worming? There are no fence posts for them to rub against as they are in a big field sectioned off with tape,they aren't stabled and aren't wearing rugs,neither do they groom each other,so I'm hopeful that I can contain it without to much difficulty.
.I don't know where they've picked them up as the fields they are in haven't had horses in for 10 years,and even assuming they arrived with the new pony,we have had him 4 weeks and I thought the life cycle was around 5 months? Dpony seems far itchier than him,although she is often itchy at this time of year for some reason.Any advice or tips gratefully recieved.Thank you.

OP posts:
Lovesswimming · 03/10/2013 12:29

Panacur 5 day, followed 2 weeks later by strongid P. Make sure you disinfect stable (if they're in one) and areas they have been itching (fence posts etc) Some people say slap some Vaseline on their bum (literally not above the tail!) as it stops the eggs sticking. I'm just doing it this week myself! Good luck!

EnlightenedOwl · 03/10/2013 20:59

What is your worming regime at the moment?

Mirage · 04/10/2013 13:44

Thanks *Lovesswimming and good luck with yours.
EnlightenedOwl I don't know about the new one as the YO where he was before did it all,but Dpony had a tablet form of wormer back in April,and was due Pramox at the end of this month.The worming adviser told me not to worm this summer because there are only ever my 2 ponies in fields that haven't had horses on since 2003,and it was therefore unneccesary.

It is odd,I've checked both bums twice daily and no sign of anything,and nothing in the poo since either.I'm spending far too much time staring at ponies arses or poo.Grin

OP posts:
Lovesswimming · 04/10/2013 13:47

lol. I'd do a worm count to be sure if you don't worm over the summer. Though it won't help with pin worm. I have no evidence other than itchy bums and they've been treated for mites etc just in case as well. I'm just covering all bases. Pramox doesn't cover pinworm I don't think. Worth checking with your vet.

EnlightenedOwl · 05/10/2013 20:06

I've read something somewhere might have been Horse & Hound that pinworm has been something of an epidemic this year. You need some vet advice for elimination really.
I would go for Pyratape P which with a DOUBLE dose will also cover tapeworms which you would be worming for at this time of year anyway.

I'd speak to the vet anyway as more and more vets are suggesting targeted worming through regular egg counts due to increasing incidences of wormer resistance; but bear in mind even with egg counts you would need to worm for tapeworm/encysted redworm anyway as these won't show up on egg counts.

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