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Those of you with air jackets

2 replies

AnnaBanana101 · 29/09/2013 17:08

Do you wear them in addition to, or instead of, body protector?

OP posts:
Lovesswimming · 29/09/2013 17:41

When I hacking in summer I wear it instead. I take a spare canister. If you come off and it inflates you would be unprotected when you got back on if you did t have another one with you. If I was doing any cross country, hunting etc I would wear both.

Plomino · 29/09/2013 20:28

I wear mine in addition to my existing body protector , as I bought them together its just become a habit , and as Loves says , I carry a spare canister just in case . I bloody love that thing I tell you . As does DH , who hugged me last night in A and E and said 'you know how I complained about the cost of that jacket ? Well I'm not complaining now '. Bless .

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