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What to do with outgrown body protector?

8 replies

Ihatespiders · 29/09/2013 12:14

There's nothing wrong with it. Been worn for about 2 years of weekly lessons. Just outgrown now.

Her riding school do not loan BPs because of the fitting. Nowhere near here that does BP fitting sells 2nd hand stuff.

I don't want money for it ... I just can't stand the thought of this perfectly serviceable and vital bit of kit not being used by someone who could benefit from it.

Any ideas? Thanks

Or any takers?! It's a Bridleway, size 1W.

OP posts:
EnlightenedOwl · 29/09/2013 15:43

BETA recommend replacing a body protector every three years anyway so to be honest I wouldn't pass it on to anyone. I'm of the mindset you should never buy safety equipment second hand even if you "know" its not been damaged in any way.

PatchworkPerson · 29/09/2013 15:46

I use ds's old one for kneeling on in the garden when I'm weeding! Sorry not helpful, just thought I'd share.

EnlightenedOwl · 29/09/2013 15:47
Ihatespiders · 29/09/2013 16:13

Thank you both. It's been kept indoors and hung up as recommended, so would have been fine for ages yet if she hadn't grown so fast!

Blooming expensive kneeler, but better than the bin ;-)

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 02/10/2013 16:12

I tend to agree with EnlightenedOwl but you could always offer it on freecycle.

notallytuts · 04/10/2013 22:26

freecycle, preloved or a horsey 'for sale' page on fb if you have an account.

or a card in a local tack shop window?

christine44 · 19/10/2013 09:04

I have always sold mine on ebay as there is a good market for them

Littlebigbum · 19/10/2013 12:41

Sell it

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