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Which heavyweight rug?

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cungryhow · 17/09/2013 13:08

I am looking for a new heavyweight rug for my 14hh lightweight connemara. Last year she had a 5'9 m/w amigo which fitted her very well, this year I was looking to buy a 350/400g rug.

the two I have earmarked are an Amigo Bravo 12 plus in 400g working on the knowledge that the amigos fit her well or do I try the Fal pro bulldog in 350g which is well priced. Does anyone know if the Fals are a similar fit to amigos? Any other suggestions welcome but it has to have either toggles or clips, I don't like buckles at 6 in the morning. Budget of £100 or less. Can get the amigo for £89 or the Fal for £99.

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 17/09/2013 17:41

The heavyweight I have is a Weatherbeeta Orican which has a built in neck cover. It doesn't move and has kept my TB warm and dry whilst living out quite happily. (It's also brown so good for not showing the mud!)

Lovesswimming · 18/09/2013 18:50

If you have been happy with the amigo the price difference isn't enough to take the chance I'd say. False economy if you don't like it or it leaks after a winters use etc etc. I love my amigos and never have a problem with them. My lad does also have a weatherbeeta HW that I like but he only were it in extreme weather so I can't say how well it lasts in comparison. So my advice would be to buy the Amigo out of the two

cedmonds · 18/09/2013 20:20

Have a look at premier equine rugs they are brilliant!!

cungryhow · 18/09/2013 20:50

Thank you, have opted for the amigo, better the devil you know! I do like premier equine rugs though, my other mare has one but even in the sales they seem to have gone up a lot in price over the last year or two.

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 19/09/2013 21:14

I've had a couple of Amigo's, just not the heavier ones, and have been pleased with them - they don't seem to move at all.

FoxyHarlow123 · 23/09/2013 07:11

Premier equine or horseware Rhino.

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