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How much for adult beginner riding lessons Merseyside area ?

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Pollydon · 18/08/2013 19:38

I rode a bit as a child, fast forward 31 years and Ive just been on holiday and rode twice ( 1 walk & 1walk and trot) and loved it, so much so that I am seriously considering lessons, but wondering about costing's ect. Can anyone give me some advice ? Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Littlebigbum · 18/08/2013 21:20

Lol watching with interest £50 north london

Littlebigbum · 18/08/2013 21:21

Just do it

Lovesswimming · 18/08/2013 21:31

Group lesson for 1/2 hr maybe £15 in Manchester up to £20 for an hour. I'd allow for lessons to be about £25, go and enjoy! Let us know how you do Smile

Pollydon · 19/08/2013 09:42

Thanks for the replies.

OP posts:
EricIsMine · 19/08/2013 19:59

Hello... I paid £17 for an hour in a group lesson (around 8 riders) near Manchester a couple of years back, so maybe £20 ish now?

Hatescolds · 26/08/2013 14:31

I ride in Formby
is £21 for a group lesson- hour
£ 24 half hour private lesson

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