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What a bargain!

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Mirage · 10/08/2013 19:21

My Dad went off to a vintage machinery show today,and came home with 12 sets of show jumps in the back of the landrover.Grin As I helped him unload them,I asked what I owed him.He got the lot for £5!!! Apparently,the bidding started at £5 and no one bid against him.They are solidly built out of wood,brand new and just need painting,so that is a job for the DDs.I'm really pleased with our bargain.Grin

OP posts:
marialuisa · 10/08/2013 19:32

Brilliant, hope the girls have fun decorating!

Mirage · 10/08/2013 19:56

Smile I bought a load of jump cups from preloved last week,just need more poles now.

How are DD and Jazz? We didn't know if we'd see you at camp.

OP posts:
Butkin · 10/08/2013 21:37

Excellent. We actually gave away some wooden show jump wings though as they were so much hassle to lug around. We've gone plastic now.

However if you can move yours ok that is a bargain.

Loshad · 10/08/2013 22:06

that is a super bargain.

Mirage · 12/08/2013 19:29

Luckily they are light enough for the DDs to carry,unlike the ones which my dad built,even I struggle with those.We have commenced jump painting today.

The dds are freakishly strong,the checkout lady at the supermarket was astonished to see DD2 hoiking up heavy shopping bags,and DD1 is the youngest in her year,but can thrash all the boys at arm wrestling.Grin

OP posts:
DENMAN03 · 16/08/2013 20:59

Blimey! that is a super bargain. Unpainted wooden poles are around £7 around here.. I paid £1500 for my set of showjumps!! (plastic however)

Ponks · 16/08/2013 21:59

What a bargain, I am Envy

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