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Loose horse, foul language & spitting WWYD? <long sorry>

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MissMarplesBloomers · 30/07/2013 19:01

OK so background is I live in a rural community with all sorts of families and like most communities we have our anti-social ones. One of our biggest challenges is a large family who have a varied history of animal neglect ( multi agency swoop on them few years ago & variety of animals taken away & put down)and appear to be trading horses out of their HA house.

Said horses are left tethered on various locations around the town, any where there is some grazing often with no accessible water, near main roads, and no shelter from the elements. One colt they left on a canal bank drowned last month as it slithered in the mud down the bank after heavy rain and couldn't get out :(

This last fortnight they have had a lovely boy (gelding?? ) tethered on our playing field where many folks go to walk their dogs and kids play footie etc. We have a kids play area.

Poor animal was in full sun most days last week and I gave it some water on one occasion as I was worried about it & it drank a whole bucket straight down (I stopped it half way & gave it the rest a few mins later as I didn't want it to be sick!) RSPCA not bothered....quelle surprise.

Today is was back & got loose from its halter attached to a chain wrapped round the kids slide, horse muck all over the field but more importantly I was concerned he would get out onto the busy main road.

I rang the police 101 as I am fed up of this happening and folks turning a blind eye. Instead of coming to see the horse the police went straight to the owners ( funny that as I didn't name them) & alerted them.

They pitched up at the field where I was with the horse and when I asked them to ensure he had safe pasture elsewhere with shade & water, proceeded to swear at me for interfering with their horse.

Called me a fucking fat whore and telling me they'd stove me in if I came near them again & spat at me. I asked them not to use foul language in front of the nearby children (including one of their own) and the torrent of abuse continued as I calmly stood my ground, he threatened to knock me out and gestured to my dog saying he would string it up on my doorstep, yada yada more unpleasantness. Others tried to calm him down and got it both barrells I'd had enough not scared at all but shaking with rage and rang the police again.

I said I wanted to make a formal complaint, don't hold out much hope of anything being done but at least its logged. My local PCSO is supposedly coming over to take a statement but as they usually clock off at 6pm I don't hold out much hope, they obviously have more pressing concerns.

The poor horse has what appears to be sores from the halter (old and new) overgrown hooves & bad teeth. His mane is full of dust & burrs.

I'm not a horsey person per se so may have got this all wrong but love all animals & could weep with frustration.

Any advice? Will post some pics I took on my profile if I can work out how to!!

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goodasitgets · 30/07/2013 19:02

Try world horse welfare. Or post on horse and hound forum - v good reputation for getting things done Wink
British horse society also good

MissMarplesBloomers · 30/07/2013 19:26

found it! Thanks.

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chocolatecakeystuff · 30/07/2013 21:06

Also speak to their tennancy officer at the HA,if they're causing anti social behaviour I'm fairly certain its a breech of their tennancy. Most housing places come down pretty hard on that

Booboostoo · 01/08/2013 11:36

What a difficult situation you are in!

WHW seem to be a lot more proactive than the RSPCA so might be worth a ring. As for the threats, etc I would insist the police do something about them.

DSRoborovskiCyberCrimeDivision · 04/08/2013 04:04

As awful as it seems, helping these animals prolongs their suffering. Most horse welfare organisations won't help until they are run down through lack of food or water. Sad and the police are shit. They aren't interested until they get loose onto the road, and all they will do is herd them into a secure

DSRoborovskiCyberCrimeDivision · 04/08/2013 04:05

Place, by which point they become the landowners problem. I'm not sure what the answer is really, just report them to anyone and everyone, until someone takes notice.

PoshPenny · 04/08/2013 17:01

Formally Complain to the police about their THREATENING BEHAVIOUR. Did you have a witness?
Complain to the council (probably the Parish Council) about the horse droppings on the play area, and keep complaining. If necessary complain in person at a Parish Council meeting. Involve local paper if you feel like it.
Complain to the Housing Association who is their landlord, this is almost certainly a breach of several of their terms and conditions, and they ought to be doing something about it. Unfortunately as most of us know, many authorities sometimes choose to turn a blind eye rather than challenge the behaviour of people of a certain cultural heritage.
Personally I would favour any animal charity over the RSPCA.

MissMarplesBloomers · 04/08/2013 18:50

Thanks all- sorry forgot to update.

The duty officer did call round & he took his notebook out but wrote ntothing down. I stressed that I wanted to make a formal complaint but he seemed reluctant to do so.

I said I didn't want to start a war but that as I was on the committee that looks after & is resonsible for the rec we were getting pretty fed up of it being used as common grazing and that abusive language in front of children is not on. I'm no wuss, (have heard similar many a Saturday night in A&E as a nurse) just fed up of them doing what they want & thinking they are fire-proof.

As I pointed out we keep the area for ALL the kids in the village including the children in their families (who use it regularly)

Anyway he said he wanted to give them "words of advice" as a first move and then discuss it with our area Beat Inspector. I agreed we would keep an ASBO type diary of any future problems. (which we have been doing informally)

Strangely there have been no horses visable for a week, we shall see if it continues.

I agree RSPCA are useless, but having shown the photos to some horsey friends the gelding is not in bad fettle compared to others they have to remove, which was my main concern.

Posh I agree the authorities do turn a blun deye sometimes but as the policeman I spoke to said, they are as frustrated as anyone as folks won't /cant provide evidence so they can't do much.

However I don't give in that easily Grin

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