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Where can I find a horse for part loan

4 replies

rhifoxy · 27/07/2013 22:15

Hi, I'm looking for a part loan in the west sussex area (around horsham) I've looked in the local ads and replied to a few but I never get any response! I'm not a novice, and am a very experienced rider with a lot of horse care management experience. I'm looking around the £60-100 a month budget! Help!! What am I doing wrong? Why do I get no responses?

OP posts:
Littlebigbum · 27/07/2013 23:00

Word of mouth?? do your tackshop/ livery yard have a notice board, you could put an ad? My riding instructor is a hive of that sort of knowledge [knows everyone] although she is much more in to finding horses that I/ other students can compete on.
Keep on looking loads of peeps could do with a hand but are not opening looking.

Zazzles007 · 28/07/2013 02:37

Are you currently riding in lessons? How long is it since you've last ridden regularly? What sort of riding are you looking to do?

As mentioned above, one of the best sources of loan horses is your riding instructor, or your current horse riding network. If you have neither of these, it becomes more difficult. If you haven't been riding for some time, it might be worthwhile brushing up on your skills with an instructor for a few months and then putting out your interest for a loan. Stipulate to the instructor that getting a loan horse is a goal for you. And in that way, the instructor can keep your goal in mind and people who have horses they want to loan get to see your riding first hand. I have done in the past and it has worked well, which is how I ended up with a lovely schoolmaster 1* eventer for five years Smile.

Hope this helps.

CountryGal13 · 28/07/2013 14:23

You could also place an advertisement on Preloved. This is where I advertised my horse for part-loan and I also search for people looking for a horse.

Im sure you'll find something soon. I know lots of people who want a part-loaner. You're far far away from me though!


LittleMissSummerSun · 29/07/2013 07:55

OP you live quite near me and when I was looking I found no shortage of horses for loan, especially if you are experienced (I am a novice so was looking for a steady ride).

I found my share pony by putting a wanted ad on Preloved. I also went to test ride several more which I found via Preloved, Equine ads, Horsemart etc

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