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Just thought I would say Hi:)

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Pinkponiesrock · 27/05/2013 20:29

Just discovered this section of MN a few weeks ago, thought I would say hi!

I love love love my M&M's, connies especially.
I have one retired broody who has bred lots of beautiful babies for me, a young mare who had a baby when I was having my latest baby and is now back in work. A 2 yo who I have big hopes for as my future showing star, all connies. Also a fab little highland gelding who is the best fun ever and a little Shetland gelding who is chief babysitter/peacekeeper!

Would love to hear about everyone else's ponies/horses hairy or not :)

OP posts:
chocolatecakeystuff · 27/05/2013 20:52

Welcome Grin

I have a deamon welsh A, who came off the hills just over 18 months ago and will become a show pony if it kills me & the big girl who is a 16h ish/ the most stupid clumsy accident prone horse I've ever had the misfortune to own

Smartieaddict · 28/05/2013 21:04

I have a TB x shire. He is the most lovely horse. Only had him 2 months, but he has taught me so much already. I could go on about him all day but I will resist the temptation!

Pixel · 28/05/2013 21:16

Lovely! My mum had a shire x TB, best horse ever in the history of the world Smile

Mirage · 28/05/2013 21:54


I don't really ride,occasionally get to amble around on dpony if DD1 isn't around,but that is it.We have,dpony a 13hh x bred Welsh who is 23 and can turn her hoof to anything.We bought her nearly 2 years ago and she is a cracking pony,if a little opinionated.She is DD1's pony.

We also have Brandy,who has just turned 7,who we loan for DD2.He is a strawberry roan 12hh Section A,and on paper,everything I didn't want in a pony,too young,only broken less than a year ago,never been in an indoor school,or to P.C,never hunted,never seen farm animals,nervy around traffic and a bad loader.But we came home with him anyway and DD2 is having a lot of fun showing him the ropes.We have done loads with him and he takes most things in his stride.DD2 and he adore each other.

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