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Can anyone help me with a sale (instalments) contract please?

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D0GWithAYoni · 14/05/2013 13:48

Am buying a horse Grin. But am paying small deposit then will start to pay the balance in October. We want some kind of agreement that although horse is solely hers until full balance is paid off that any veto airy treatment I am liable for and that if she was pts or similar I still have to pay the full balance. Can anyone help?

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D0GWithAYoni · 14/05/2013 19:32


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Smartieaddict · 14/05/2013 20:41

Could you just use a standard loan agreement, and add in that you are paying the installments, and at the end the horse will become yours? It sounds like effectively you will have the horse on loan until you have finished paying. I think you can find a sample loan agreement on the BHS website

D0GWithAYoni · 18/05/2013 22:03

Thanks smartie managed to fins something suitable Smile

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