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would you insure this pony?

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Lovesswimming · 28/02/2013 15:02

my insurance renewal is through and has given me a dilema, our Welsh B has 4 exclusions including Lami (though we've had her through 2 summers living out with a repeat) she is not ridden anymore though is only 9 (ligament injuries that have had full treatment but never healed fully).
I have already decided that I would not treat her through another lami attack and wouldnt put her through any type of treatment that required more than 2 weeks box rest as it sends her insane and nothing helps (we've done it twice). it's likely that should she ever be PTS the insurance company would blame one of her conditions, or would say I had chosen not to treat, and so not pay out.
so should I insure her at all? I have BHS membership for the essentials, her premium is £550 for the year.
I have done everything for this pony and she is part of our family, but some of the decissions I have come to regarding treatment are after knowing her and what's best for her, they aren't based on money. I would obviously have the vet out for minor issues should she be ill of injure herself, Just not anything that needed long box rest.
What do you think? I feel I'm paying for something that I wont ever be able to claim for (she's also had a £5k pay out so I've more than had my money's worth of insurance and I never claimed for the lami x-rays etc I paid for that myself)!
opinions welcome Smile

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Floralnomad · 28/02/2013 16:49

I wouldn't insure her if she were mine . We stopped insuring our Dartmoor mare when she was 8 due to exclusions on her policy , one of which was completely unjust as she never had the condition that the insurance company excluded. She is also retired and is 20 this year . Fortunately she is a fairly healthy soul ( has been retired for 8 years) and rarely needs a vet but we decided several years ago that if anything major happened we would probably not opt for treatment .

50BalesOfHay · 28/02/2013 16:49

No, I wouldn't insure, they'll exclude just about everything that could be costly! I also think you are right about your future decision if she gets seriously ill again, as well as box rest I guess you also wouldn't put her through surgery etc due to the stress and risks for her. Fingers crossed she lives a long and happy life, but better a week early than a day late when it comes to having a much loved pony PTS

SaggyOldClothCatpuss · 28/02/2013 18:47

None of mine are insured. I'd just make sure you have enough money to hand to pay for euthanasia and disposal.

horseylady · 28/02/2013 20:10

I insure but in that situation I wouldn't. Not for that price. I agree with saggy just make sure you have the money for a decent end. Not an abbortoire if you can avoid it. Insurance unlikely to meet those costs anyway if a treatable condition.

Lovesswimming · 28/02/2013 21:05

Thanks everyone, I insure my other two but I agree I think
the £550 would be better putting to one side for minor vets bills (I'd happily treat mild colic and injuries) I would always find the money to PTS properly if needed,I'm lucky in that respect. I hope she lives for many more years trouble free in the field :-)

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