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Cushings in horses , anyone have any experience ?

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frumpet · 30/01/2013 11:10

My horse was diagnosed with this around this time last year , he looked awful , like a rescue case . Within three weeks of starting the meds he was back to his old self and has been fine up until recently . He has lost loads of condition over the winter despite getting plenty of food and hay . He is also quite stiff . He is 20.
Has his blood retested and the vet suggested upping his meds , which we have done .
I just wonder if any one else has experience of caring for a horse with this condition and if there is anything else you can suggest to keep him well .

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frumpet · 30/01/2013 11:22

He also is rugged up and toasty warm on a night and rugged up and has shelter in the day .

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Mitchy1nge · 30/01/2013 14:22

I'm toying with idea of testing, suspect mine has it, but sometimes the treatment brings troubles of its own doesn't it? So will watch your thread with interest.

Now the screening is free I know lots of horses who have been diagnosed and commenced treatment with mixed results so far, and some that are untreated and sort of bumbling along ok so far.

chocolatecakeystuff · 30/01/2013 15:09

One of the ladies at our yard has a pony with cushings, when he's having a bad time of it she buys a hydration herbal course that goes daily into his water & brings him back a treat. Its not cheap but it really works.

Also dietry advice from errrm someone (will find out) which is free and tailored to your horse.

she feeds him antilam & topchop lite I think which seems to work.

The treatment as far as I know (don't quote me on this) can supress their immune system.

frumpet · 30/01/2013 15:19

Can you find out the name of the hydration stuff for me please ? Only problem is he isnt stabled as such and shares water with one other who has a dicky tummy so might have to rethink where he is on a night .
His appetite is good , and other than the stiffness , which isnt laminitic stiffness if you see what i mean , its the fact that he has lost alot of weight/condition . He has sugarbeet and good hay , plus other hard foods .

OP posts:
frumpet · 30/01/2013 15:21

Mitchy , mine was so bad it looked as though he may need putting down , so the blood test and treatment were definately preferable . As i said he was on the tablet for three weeks and the difference in him was amazing . He does have an old leg injury that occasionaly gives him bother , but a bit of box rest and bute usually see's him right within a few days .

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frumpet · 30/01/2013 15:22

I dont care if i cant ride him aslong as he is 'fit' if you see what i mean .

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dappleton · 30/01/2013 18:04

my childhood pony ended up with Cushings for about the last 5yrs of her life, she was about 30yrs old when she had to be PTS so much older than your boy. It was well managed and only really affected her over the last 6months of her life. She was basically treated as you would a pony with laminitis plus had a herb supplement from a place in halstead, essex (i'll try to find out the details - it was a few years ago now). She was in light work up until her last year. One thing I remember very clearly is that winters were awful and she always lost condition - like a lot of old horses; summers were bliss and there were day's you could almost forget about the Cushings. She didn't have any special food, just grass, hay and a bit of chaff with carrots to put the herbs in.
Have you considered contacting the nutritionists at the leading food companies to see what they suggest to up his condition?
Sorry this is a bit vague - i'll try to post back with some links/more info tomorrow when i'm thinking straighter!

chocolatecakeystuff · 30/01/2013 19:37

Yes I'll ask her tomorrow x

horseylady · 30/01/2013 19:40

Yes. When he went downhill he plummeted. This was before all the major medication and blood tests though!! I know some go on for years, others don't. I hope he's ok.

frumpet · 31/01/2013 08:38

Thank you so much for your replys , he has only been on the increased dose for a week , so perhaps we are panicking without cause . Will see how he is in a couple of weeks . Would still like to know about the herbal supplements if possible though .

OP posts:
dappleton · 01/02/2013 09:27

This is the company I used to get herbs from, I believe they worked to some extent, she always seemed a bit better when taking them. This was about 5yrs ago though so perhaps even better products on the market now.

Hope it helps.

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