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boxrest/no turnout - anyone else unexpectedly enjoying the confinement?

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Mitchy1nge · 20/01/2013 16:03

twenty days and counting, think we owe it all to the treat balls so far

any other tips? What do you do about exercise?

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horseylady · 20/01/2013 21:23

Licks. Carrots. Turn out in the dry area and as much exercise as I can give. Given everywhere is now like an ice rink she's just going out in the dry area or field. If she gets there in one piece.

Also try to give as much attention as you can.

Injury or enforced through lack of turnout?

Mitchy1nge · 20/01/2013 21:42

Do you spend all winter in? I used to be Shock at the idea but it's not so bad after all

abscesses (does that word really need all those sssssss?) and a not serious but similarly painful injury in another foot

I save the black sticky lick for emergencies (eg someone to distract him with it while I do things to his feet, otherwise he tries to kick me in the face, think he has had enough)

theoretically there is turnout, the pony is still out 24/7 and thriving but nowhere dry and safe enough for Monsieur mankyhooves yet. Thought it would be ok when frozen but he's been in for so long now he is unlikely to be walking carefully over the ruts etc!

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frostyfingers · 21/01/2013 10:12

Mine is in with mud fever - so far it's been a week and when I changed the dressing on Sunday there doesn't seem to be much improvement. He's in with a mate and pretty chilled about it but now he's not so sore I've been taking them out in hand up the lane after wrapping his bandage in plastic bags and sticky tape to stop it getting wet. I've just done 30 mins walking and then given them 10 mins rootling about in the snow for grass. Luckily my livery friend has said I can bring her horse in for her at lunchtime and turn dpony out for a few hours so at least he can stretch his legs and have a roll.

I have no idea how long this will go for, but know that dhorse will be mad as a box of frogs when he does get out!

horseylady · 21/01/2013 11:12

They spend wet and thick snow in. Land floods and they trash the fields. We've not got much grazing so we look after it as best we can! Not ideal but they pretty much live out April to October and tend to be in 5/7 days dec and jan. It's ok. Once you get into a routine IRS fine. Plus if I do have to work late I'm not worrying about them beating each other up at the gate or dragging them in through three feet of mud in the pitch black.

My pony gets mud fever so she needs to be in.

Obviously ideal world they'd be out as much as possible but I believe I keep them as happy as I can and they are out as much as I can get them out.

Millie2013 · 22/01/2013 09:25

Mine go out for a daily legstretch (2x if I can manage it), but tbh, they are pretty good about standing in. They have adlib hay, Lucie Brix (to nibble at, kick around) and fast fibre in big trugs to keep their guts happy.

Mitchy1nge · 27/01/2013 16:11

Envy of people taking horses-on-boxrest for a little wander in hand, we did try it once but I don't think it's for us under those circumstances

but we are OUT at last anyway, in theory coming in at night, am so so so glad. He was cast the other day and that is never very nice is it. Now for project Bringing Back To Work. Have forgotten how that goes.

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Butkin · 27/01/2013 22:39

So lucky that our have been able to go out every day - with hay on the snow. Now snow has melted we realised that there paddocks were knackered so have spent all day preparing news ones for them to go into. Had to filly in lots of holes but luckily the moles had provided us with lots of nearby topsoil. Don't need to pay for gym membership when there are mole hills to shift! Expect they will go crazy on the new grass - just hope that I've filled everything in.

Mitchy1nge · 28/01/2013 00:32

hmmm good point about the gym, these have been extraordinarily strenuous days lately (is rare for me to exert myself around the yard Blush other than picking up feet, lifting saddles on/off)

I was even thinking of buying a broom!

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