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errrrgh snow!!!

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chocolatecakeystuff · 18/01/2013 19:53

I HATE the snow, girls have been out once since Monday.... three daily muck outs.... wet.... cold.... disgusting... slippy horrible stuff!!!

I guess we were spoiled last year with not much of the white stuff.

OP posts:
Paddlinglikehell · 18/01/2013 23:48

I know the feeling. It looks beautiful, but completely messes things up. I am doing two other horses today and tomorrow, because their owners can't get here - I live next to the yard!

The horses cant go out so tidying up two extra beds, nets etc., isn't any fun in the freezing cold. It is 11pm and I still feel cold.

Callisto · 21/01/2013 08:09

I like it and it is so much better than the bottomless mud we've had for the last 6 months. Having said that, my boys are both out all day and just coming in at night.

How come your horses can't be turned out?

chocolatecakeystuff · 21/01/2013 13:43

The endless mud has all frozen & liable to cause broken legs. Currently mucking out5 a day now as owners can't get here, and our horses are a load of pansies. Turn them out, they roll then want to come in again x

OP posts:
Pixel · 21/01/2013 17:37

Mine's loving the snow, he hated all that mud, though I'm dreading the thaw!
He's been very sedate over the rutted bits, I think they are ok when they are out all the time anyway. It's the ones who are stabled who tend to go a bit bonkers when they are turned out in the snow.

horseylady · 21/01/2013 19:36

I've heard if two horses who have broken their legs in the snow :( both pts. Very sad.

chocolatecakeystuff · 21/01/2013 20:53

Oh how awful :-( stupid weather :-(
Kind of makes me feel better for not turning out tho.

OP posts:
Paddlinglikehell · 21/01/2013 23:53

We turn out in the sand school for half an hour or so, whilst mucking out, but our field is deathly near the gates and the snow is so thick, they can't graze properly and stand there looking miserable.

Horrified at the broken legs, glad I haven't turned out too.

Callisto · 22/01/2013 08:21

I know all the drawbacks, and it is more work, but I still prefer it to mud.

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