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Can a horse do both Western and English?

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Annewilkinson · 16/12/2012 10:07

Been to see a loan horse today.

It is trained in both western (which the owner rides) and English (which her daughter rides). They also do a lot of natural horsemanship / Parelli stuff with it.

I have to admit I have not really come across the Western and natural horsemanship stuff in practice before so am not familiar with it.

The horse seemed to have good manners and was fine to ride.

Should this put me off?

OP posts:
Pixel · 16/12/2012 20:04

It wouldn't put me off, I'd love to have a go at western.

CMOTDibbler · 16/12/2012 20:14

Yes, they can, and the natural horsemanship will mean good ground manners. A chap at our yard has a quarter horse and the horse is gorgeous.
I'm going on a western riding course after christmas Grin

therugratref · 16/12/2012 20:16

Yes both is possible. My sister has horses which she rides both ways and does all the Parelli stuff with. It would be really useful to spend some time with the person who does the natural horsemanship so you pick up the basics.

DolomitesDonkey · 16/12/2012 20:19

Yes, did with my mare. I rode English and my husband western, although I'd always neck-reined her during warm-up to get her listening to more subtle aids... And useful for when you're hacking out and trying to smoke your fag and not drop your coke. ;)

Annewilkinson · 16/12/2012 20:59

Great thanks. I'm only a novice and not really come across Western and natural horsemanship so just wanted to get some opinions whether the pony doing both Western and English might mean it's a bit confused IYKWIM so glad people seem positive about it!

The owner is keen for me to try out some natural horsemanship stuff under supervision of her instructor and says I can try Western riding too, although she is happy for me to ride mainly English. She has all the Western tack. It seems like it could be an interesting share.

OP posts:
tazzle22 · 16/12/2012 21:39

horses are really rather good at making sense of it all ...... mine not only does english and a wstern style riding ( ride in a rope halter with an ausie saddle thats more western than english iyswim .. she is also driven.

Its not just the aids that are slightly different it a way of carrying itself and the way of moving in the gaits.... horses really are rather clever Grin

definately not put me off Wink

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