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Another holiday question but for children this time

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basildonbond · 30/11/2012 18:41

Dd (just turned 10) would love to go on a riding holiday this summer, possibly with her 12 year old cousin

She's spotted some ads for places in the back of Pony magazine but I don't know anyone who's used them so would appreciate personal recommendations. She's also seen an ad for a PGL riding holiday but the advanced one is only in Wales which is a bit far in case she doesn't like it and wants to come home!

Ideally it would be somewhere where they have children from 9 or so upwards, and relatively easily accessible from London (and not too expensive ..)

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notallytuts · 01/12/2012 01:18

i went on a few as a kid

one to ross nye stables - think this was somewhere near guildford
one to a stables in ferring - cant remember the name for the life of me
one to wellington riding in hook, hampshire.

the wellington one was by far the best. you had your own pony for a week, which was paired to you as a rider, and i loved it all.

the other two were also fun, but you had to ride different horses every day, which i was much less keen on. they were also a lot less structured and there was less food choice (i was a fussy eater!)

happy to answer any questions you have if i can remember! i think ross nye was the cheapest and welly the most expensive, but it was definitely worth it.

basildonbond · 02/12/2012 21:54

thanks - Wellington looks great and dd v keen on 3 lessons a day on the same pony - I wish it was slightly less £££ but I've got time to save up for it ...

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