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Anyone familiar with the following Surrey riding schools ?

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Moviestar1979 · 29/11/2012 14:32

Any feedback, good or bad appreciated

  1. Orchard cottage
  2. Bridleways Equestrian
  3. Wildwoods Riding Centre
  4. Twiglets Riding School

OP posts:
loachey · 29/11/2012 15:35

My husband bought me three 1/2 hour lessons at Bridleways from Group On. First lesson - hated it. Wasn't impressed with the choice of horses - or seemingly lack of and the real riding school nag that I was put on to start with. Then was swapped to a horse that seemed to have this weird head thing going on. She said it wasn't anything to do with the dogs that run up and down the side of the school as they are used to it?

If it hadn't of been a group-on and pre purchased I probably wouldn't have gone back.

Second Lesson - loved it. Asked for a jumping lesson prior to going and got a really good jumping horse so I could really concentrate on what I was doing instead of having to think about getting the horse over as well. (Nervous jumper since a bad fall and a fractured spine)

Third Lesson - Crap. Asked for a hack as weather gorgeous. Didn't expect to only walk and about three strides of a canter. The pony that accompanied me was so fat she could hardly walk. Really really wish I had had a another jumping lesson.

I moved away from Surrey a few days later but if I had stayed, I doubt very much I would have gone back.

I did like Chessington Equestrian Centre it that's any good to you. Excellent lessons.

cedmonds · 29/11/2012 18:54

I know of Orchard Cottage and Wildwoods both are good. If it is for a child wildwoods can be a bit bitchy!
Orchard Cottage has just got a new manager in but think its still good there. Ds pc uses it for unmounted rallys and it still seems the same as when i learnt to ride there 28 years ok

Moviestar1979 · 30/11/2012 09:15

Great - its for an adult
What I am looking for is somewhere that you don't have to share the school with ten other people if you book a private lesson, where the instructors get to know you and your riding, where you really progress, and where they have safe and sensible horses that are not plods (ie will trot and canter if given correct aids without lots of kicking / whip!) and where lessons start on time so you don't pay for an hour but get 45 minutes. Would also like somewhere can learn about horse care as well as riding.
Do Wildwoods or Orchard Cottage fit this bill?

OP posts:
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