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Juggling horses and baby - time and finances.

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aamia · 28/11/2012 23:35

So - had somehow built up to five ponies (never rent a field, too tempting to fill it!). Now have ten week old DS. I can get to ride 4x a week and that's fine for my main two. Dealing with the sharers I have for the others is driving me nuts though. One is DH's horse so got to keep her, one could go back to its owner and I could sell the last one. That would leave three, which is manageable I feel. Thing is, there will be a couple of very upset girls if I do this, the field will still cost the same too yet I won't have their contributions. Was wondering if I could advertise for youngstock livery to fill a couple of spaces and help towards field rent.

So, should I do it? Is it too soon to make a decision yet?

OP posts:
horseylady · 29/11/2012 08:14

Would the girls fully loan them? Whats more crippling the money or the work? Must say I'm glad I've only got one with a new baby!! The two I had would be difficult!

allinagoodcause · 29/11/2012 14:49

hi - where are you I'm in Leicestershire and have two horse one ds and baby on the way. Could do with someone to help me or joining forces with someone in the same position.

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