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Pickles77 · 11/11/2012 20:14

I go to Olympia most years but this year I'll have a four month old DD. Could she come?

OP posts:
Svrider · 11/11/2012 20:24

Make sure you go prepared with plenty of milk (or your breasts obv.)
Take 2 changes of clothes, and at least 2x amount of nappies you think she'll need
Is she in a stroller yet? Take that or a "pod" if poss, you don't want a full size pram
Be prepared to take her away from events if she won't settle
Have a wonder round, and try again

Pickles77 · 11/11/2012 20:26

I think shell love it.
Can I ask what you mean by pod?

OP posts:
Butkin · 12/11/2012 00:21

Best to see if she needs a ticket. We've taken DD since she was about 4 and always had to buy her a ticket. We're going on Sunday afternoon this year which will make a change from the hassle of going on Monday morning as we've always done in the past.

mrslaughan · 12/11/2012 11:00

I personally wouldn't try and take a buggy or stroller - I would either take her in a sling or something like the ergo baby carrier( which I used with dd until she was just over 2 and it was fab), she'll snooze in that, leaves your hands free, and you will be able to get around a lot more easily

Landy77 · 12/11/2012 18:28

For under 1s you don't need a ticket, my dd is a day off 1 when we are going :)

CanonFodder · 12/11/2012 19:38

Sling for sure, babies of that age are so portable, will be easier this year than next!

richpersoninapoorpersonsbody · 12/11/2012 23:16

I love Olympia!! Are you going for the m&m's Butkin?

Butkin · 14/11/2012 14:13

Yup. One good friend is riding and DD has ridden one of the other ponies competing so we've two to cheer for! Great day out and delighted it's not on Monday. Pleased with the badges that came with our tickets as well!

richpersoninapoorpersonsbody · 14/11/2012 16:53

Who are you going to watch? I think it may be Walstead Cartier this year he is such a lovely pony or Jonny Stevens may get it if he hasn't sold his pony. It is cheaper to get there this year seeing as it's Sunday so we don't have to travel in peak times.

fait · 21/11/2012 20:23

We've splashed out and got a double box - 24 of us going! Can't wait!!! Definitely would not take a buggy though - not sure I'd want to take a baby personally, but I go there to enjoy myself and I think that until a child is 3 or 4 years old, they won't have a clue what is going on.

Hope you have a great day!

Butkin · 23/11/2012 23:04

Jealous of your double box! We always consider doing this but sure it's expensive although with the relos coming over from America in time it would have been ideal this year.

Quite a scandal with Olympia selling "Morning" tickets on the weekend when the "Afternoon" tickets are already sold out. They are gambling on afternoon people not getting there early. I think they haven't allowed for the enthusiasm of the M&M crowd on Sunday. I think people will be sitting on laps!

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