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would/do you use danilone long term in an older horse?

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Alameda · 07/10/2012 14:03

I think it has turned mine into a three year old, which is lovely actually in most ways because he's obviously been much more stiff and uncomfortable than I realised, a bit annoying to ride but so lovely to watch him move

although long term should I look for a more herbal sort of alternative - the vet doesn't seem worried about him just staying on it, I don't know, is it really much safer than bute? In general do the benefits of regular work outweigh the risks (he's on quite a tiny amount really, about half a sachet a day but dramatic difference)

OP posts:
Pixel · 07/10/2012 20:57

We've never used it, but if it's similar to bute our vet has told us that one sachet per day is a safe long-term dose for our 14hh 23 yo, if that helps at all, although you should probably ask your vet.
My sister has decided acupuncture is worth a go for his arthritis, apparently horses react really well to it. We are keeping an open mind but so far it is going well and we have seen a big difference in him so we might be able to get him off the bute eventually.

Walkingchloe · 09/10/2012 21:42

My horse has been on bute for years, at least 5 I'd say and I've switched to danilon for the last couple of years. She's 27 and has a sachet a day, she is completely sound on it but would be awful without and there's no question of stopping it, it wouldn't be fair as she would be very stiff and uncomfortable. If she's happy then I'm happy and ultimately if it shortens her life but gives her quality of life then I'm willing to take that risk.

I wouldn't switch to herbal remedies unless they were proven to be safe and effective in rigorous clinical trials.

Alameda · 11/10/2012 11:17

thanks :)

my next question is do you get it from the vet or buy it online?

OP posts:
maturenanny · 11/10/2012 13:39

We got a prescription from our vet and then brought via Vetmedsplus...much cheaper than the vet!!
Always next day delivery with them too, all I had to do was fax the prescription through.
My vet had to review my pony every few months just to make sure all was good and I think for their own records, like any controlled drug, they have to monitor.
I certainly recommend it, as Walking said it was for quality of life and meant that my beloved cob had a couple of extra yrs with us where he could be ridden and had fun! Sadly though he broke his leg on the ice in his field and was put to sleep aged only 7 yrs xx so it wasn't the meds that got him, just bad luck..Rip Laddie xx

Alameda · 11/10/2012 14:09

:( laddie :( that is far too young

hope vet will be happy to give prescription without supplying it herself, is the most expensive vet have ever used but they are practically next door so hugely convenient

OP posts:
maturenanny · 11/10/2012 14:15

Alameda..yes far too young, he was a saint!
He actually had a life changing injury just four months into his ridden life aged 4years, ended up in and out of hospital, had nerve blocks, x rays etc and finally an op. he somehow sustained a crush injury to his hind right fetlock, hence the maintenance dose to keep him comfortable once the op was done. He then could be lightly hacked on nice level ground, which was fine for me as I'm a happy walking hacker! Lol.
He went out on loan whilst I was pregnant and was only a month late he did the injury, we boxed him for three days, bute and he still didn't weight near so we decided that due to the previous trauma it wsnt fair to put him through any more.
Worst day of my life but that three yrs of owning him was the best ever!
Good luck with you steed!

Landy77 · 11/10/2012 22:39

So sorry matureenanny that's an awful story.

For me I would rather a happy sound horse on a small amount of painkiller than a grumpy one in pain on nothing.
Depending on the problem you maybe able to find something that works for your horse. I have found a product that is great for my mare but she is 20 and still competing, and still enjoying herself

maturenanny · 12/10/2012 09:04

Thanks guys..very tough but hopefully now three yrs later I have found a gorgeous two year old that I'm spending time with and so far I'm smitten! Just dot have the cash to hand to buy him yet! Luckily for me, my friend has brought him and another and they are just growing up in one of her spare fields and he's mine when I have the money together! He has many of the characteristics that Laddie had, I just hope he grows a bit more.

Landy..totally agree, a happy horse on a small does is much better than a grumpy one. It just proves with the right management these horses thrive xx

Alameda · 12/10/2012 09:19

:) all very encouraging, thanks

glad there is a new horse in your life now maturenanny x

OP posts:
Walkingchloe · 12/10/2012 22:01

Sorry to hear your story about Laddie Nanny, dread the day when I have to make that decision but sounds like you definitely did the best for your special man.

Alameda your vet legally has to give you a prescription for a drug they have prescribed, although they can charge you what they like for the prescription.

Alameda · 13/10/2012 10:33

thanks walkingchloe, might be easier just to get it from them - they are helpful and will deliver directly to my feed room, as long as it isn't desperately more expensive

want to know what is in danilon to have this sort of on speed effect, or is he just feeling like his bad old self? not complaining . . .

OP posts:
Alameda · 13/10/2012 17:49

do hope it is not sending him insane though, he is just bordering on being Too Much with the unexploded fizzing bomb stuff but I feel very grotty with a cold so hopefully it is just me being a wuss

can danilon do that though?

OP posts:
Alameda · 22/10/2012 23:41

forgot to ask how often (if at all) you check liver function - is once a year enough, is six monthly a neurotic and unnecessary expense?

OP posts:
rogersmellyonthetelly · 23/10/2012 08:08

A friends horse was on half a sachet of bute a day for nearly 5 years.
That kept him mobile and comfortable, any more than that and he was full of the joys of spring and would do himself a mischief running around the field like a yearling.

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