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when to clip for olympia?

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Landy77 · 24/09/2012 13:41

Never posted before but do often read the threads with interest, so I was hoping that someone may have experence of competing at Olympia, which despite been 12weeks away I am already really worried about how I am going to get my horses coat looking lovely and in full show condition in December.

I have managed to qualify my horse for the veteran champs, very over excited. But when should I clip?,
I will obvioulsy have to clip her out completly including head and legs. She is part ID and TB and grows the coat that any native pony would be proud of, also been white grey she never looks good when first clipped and hates having her front legs clipped (despite been a star for the rest of her body). I would like to keep her legs on for as long as possible.
When I used to event her she was clipped every two weeks from the end of september till December and do her legs every other time ...... but realistically she isnt in enough work to justify that and I havent got as much time as I used to have so any ideas would be great.

OP posts:
cedmonds · 24/09/2012 14:48

I clipped my grey last week and she has got a heavy weight rug and neck cover on at night and a medium weight with neck during the day. Her coat is only just looking ok again after being clipped.
Could you clip her now and leave legs on and then just before taking her legs off but lots of rugs to keep her coat looking good.
Ours that are going to HOYS have got the rugs pilled on think at night and there coats are looking fine at last they never really got a good summer coat. Mira coat is fantastic for keeping them in show condition over the winter.
Hope that helps a bit

Landy77 · 24/09/2012 14:56

Thankyou, but don't the coats slow down in terms of growth in december? cant believe that I have owned this horse for 16years and cant have paid that much attention to how quickly her coat grows at varying time in the winter

OP posts:
cedmonds · 24/09/2012 15:11

Depends some of mine do others dont(sorry not very helpfull)
How hairy is she could u get away with rugging now to stop her getting to hairy the clip november then beore she goes in December??

Landy77 · 24/09/2012 15:34

she is hairy, I had hoped to clip late but took her for a wizz this morning before dd woke up and dh went to work and she got a bit sweaty. although her coat still has a nice shine on it, She does get terrible cat hairs???? I have never been one to show through the winter so any help greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
Butkin · 24/09/2012 16:16

Really depends on your horse unfortunately. We were competing at a pre-Hoys show yesterday and the M&Ms who are going were clipped a couple of weeks ago and are just starting to come through again.

We competed a Connemara at Olympia and usually clipped a month before - leaving the legs - but you really need to know how quickly you'll grow back.

Sorry can't be more helpful.

cedmonds · 24/09/2012 16:24

Ok this is the routine we have for ours that our going to HOYS this year
They were clipped at the first sign of winter coat comingBlush
Then they were rugged all the day some of the time they were out without rugs but most of the time with lightwieghts on
They have had a good bath and clipped again and from this weeked have got heavy weights on.
They are feed oil and mira coat and good quailty feed depending on what they need.They also get loads of hay. If really cold they will be bandaged at night as well.
If you can afford it and going to get your money worth out it the suggey hoods rugs are fantastic and when cold they have them under nz during the day.

I have always found that loads of rugs helps keep coat lying flat and shinny etc and will stop it getting hairy. We have been know to take them to a show with four rugs on in the winter.Blush
When muddy ours will have tail bags on as well and always out with neckcovers.
But mine are pampered babies.!!

cedmonds · 24/09/2012 16:26

whoops forgot to say they are also hot ragged and strapped as well.

Landy77 · 24/09/2012 16:39

Thankyou I was really hoping that a connemara person would reply. I know it seems crazy that although I have owned her for many years I really have paid a lot of notice to how quickly the coat grows, but as we have tended to hunt and sj through the winter it didnt matter if the clip wasnt perfect

OP posts:
NightFallsFast · 24/09/2012 20:37

Why don't you ask on

There are lots of people there who have been to Olympia.

I'm clipping mine for HOYS 10 days before, but he's grey so I can do it closer than I could with a bay or chestnut.

ChameleonicLifeFormsNoThanks · 24/09/2012 21:05

(Saggy here)
How about clipping her now, and seeing how long it takes to look long again. Then you can work out how long before to clip her for optimum coat.

ChameleonicLifeFormsNoThanks · 24/09/2012 21:06

Or is that just stating the obvious? Sorry if so! Grin

Landy77 · 25/09/2012 15:28

Thankyou I will have a look on horse gissip.

I know that her coat grows far faster this time of year than in December, for HOYs I would agree on two weeks prior but no experience beyond that, but not sure how much slower her coat will grow, I also want to leave the legs and head on for as long as possible.
I love the snuggy products so need no excuse to invest in more of their products, horse rugs are an adiction!!!

OP posts:
fait · 25/09/2012 19:17

We would probably clip ten days before, then use a lycra body suit.

You are lucky with having a grey - we have clipped a grey the day before his class at HOYS in the past!!!

fait · 25/09/2012 19:20

By the way - well done on qualifying - we are watching on M&M day (have got a double box so it could be noisy) - but fingers will be crossed for you - have a fab time!!!

cedmonds · 25/09/2012 20:10

landy Have a look on Ebay as they sometimes have brand new ones on there. I also have a rug adiction Blush if you couldnt tell from my posts.

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