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dvd recommendations for children

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adoptmama · 28/08/2012 19:23

Can anyone recommend some nice, child friendly horse and pony dvd's for age 5-10-ish, particularly on horse care/stable management/learning to ride etc? I've looked on Amazon. I found one which sounded promising about children at a riding stables, until it said their helper was an animated horse: my DD wants the real thing and would be turned off by this. I really want something which is emphasising kindness, listening to the horse, working with the horse- that kind of thing, rather than just the mechanics of riding etc.


OP posts:
tnml · 29/08/2012 21:21

There was a really good series on TV in the late 90s called 'If wishes were horses' I think it might only be on VHS though now. There might be a bit on you tube to get an idea if its worth tracking down. Apart from that, look on the equestrian vision website, almost every horse DVD available is there. I think there is a bit of a lack of this sort of thing now though.

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