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Eek! Dd's entered a show!!

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basildonbond · 25/08/2012 20:04

Dd's riding school is holding a summer show on Monday - after her lesson today we popped into the office to check what time it started as she wanted to come and watch the big girls ride. The centre manager said "why hasn't minibasil entered?" - we hadn't realised she could ... Anyway she's entered the Handy Pony class and the Prix Capilli test and she's been practising all evening with the kitchen standing in for the arena Grin

There are only two ponies small enough for her to ride and she's made the tactical decision to go for the littlest as he a) looks very sweet and b) she can trust him to behave himself.

We've never done anything like this before so not entirely sure what to expect, but she's very very excited :)

OP posts:
Butkin · 26/08/2012 11:45

Really good luck and I hope your DD has a fun time. In all my years of showing (20+) I've never heard of a Prix Caprilli test and had to Google it. Sounds like fun!

basildonbond · 26/08/2012 20:09

Thanks - she's so excited!

We're very new to all this - dd's only been riding for a few months but has been obsessed with all things equine since she was tiny

The Prix Caprilli test is basically simple dressage combined with (very small) jumps - I didn't realise it wasn't a common thing

Will let you know how she gets on - she'll be the youngest rider there so I don't expect she'll be troubling the podium but it will be a good experience for her

OP posts:
Loshad · 29/08/2012 18:08

how did mini basil get on? ok i hope

basildonbond · 29/08/2012 19:59

She came home with two rosettes! The prix caprilli test was a bit over-ambitious for her in hindsight and her mind went completely blank halfway through but she kept going and the judges said she'd made a very good effort. Most of the other riders were nearly twice her size so I think she got quite a few points for sheer guts...

She's already planning which classes to enter next time round and is determined to get a red rosette soon!

OP posts:
Loshad · 29/08/2012 20:13

aw, how lovely for her. Bet she had a lovely time.Smile

Butkin · 30/08/2012 20:04

That is great - how old is she? Just thinking of suitable classes for her age...

Treblesallround · 31/08/2012 08:57

Start saving basil, it's only a matter of time before you get her a pony Grin

basildonbond · 31/08/2012 20:23

butkin - she's 9 (only started regular lessons in January)

trebles - it's not the cost of the pony which holds me back (or not totally!) it's more the logistics - we're in London and the nearest livery yard is a good 20 mins drive away (and they're fiendishly expensive and don't have any spaces at the moment) - dd will have to keep on dreaming for the time being ... I do feel mean though - she would soooo love to have her own pony ...

OP posts:
Butkin · 01/09/2012 18:58

Basildon, if she's 9 she is the same age as my DD (although mine is very experienced and been showing since she was 3). My DD is just going to have her first dressage lesson on Monday and that is something she may enjoy doing but I'm sure she'd struggle to rememember a test as well!

If you do go to another show look out for "First Ridden" classes. These are for children off the lead rein up to the age of 12. She'll have to go round with the others at walk and trot. Then in her individual "show" she'll have to walk, trot and canter on both reins (figure 8).

As well as handy pony look out for Cradle or Nursery Stakes - these are jumping events with a flat section to follow and the class will depend on the height of your pony. If it is a M&M then they often have their own cradle/nursery classes rather than jumping with the plaited ponies.

You're probably running out of local shows now that the schools are going back but keep an eye out at the place she has lessons.

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