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Should I buy a youngster?

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sasamunde · 13/08/2012 23:29

I have fallen in love with a 2yo warmblood. I had a horse on share 2 days a week and was struggling to find the time/babysitters to do that, then the horse had an op and needs a year off. Now I have seen this bargain super-horse and am under the illusion that I will have the time to keep him in the field for a year then back him then keep him in the field for another year... Please tell me I am mad! I am v experienced and have a lot of v experienced people to help me, money should not be a problem, it is just the time. Stables is a 20min drive away, I will be back at work soon, I have a 3yo and an 8 month old and a rather unhelpful DH who is away a lot in the week and relatives who would babysit all work too... But... Life is short... Will someone please knock some sense into me :(

OP posts:
cazboldy · 13/08/2012 23:33

i think if you want to do it badly enough you will, but it won't be easy!

but then if 2 days a week is too much - and here's where you need to be honest with yourself - then a youngster is not a good idea.

little and often is the way to go. 10 mins every day is better than an hour twice a week.

horseylady · 14/08/2012 09:51

If you struggled with 2 days a week it's a bad idea. What if he got kicked and needed 6 weeks (min) box rest? Or colic?

Youngsters need good handling daily, this takes time.

Booboostoo · 14/08/2012 22:12

Youngsters need a lot of time, ideally little and often, so sorry it does not sound like a good idea.

rogersmellyonthetelly · 20/08/2012 15:28

Don't go there. Whilst It won't need backing for another year, it does need starting now, before it gets large enough to have an "opinion" about things. That means lunging a couple of times a week, teaching to stand still when tied, mouthing, long reining, getting out and seeing scary stuff like bins, tractors, buses. All of the above is essential IMO if you want a good sensible easy to do horse at the end of the process. You just can't skip the ground work.

sasamunde · 20/08/2012 22:50

Thanks ladies for the sense injection I cancelled the viewing! I will try to find another horse share for a couple of years instead, invest my money wisely and then buy a 5yo Grin
Take a look at this ad though and tell me you wouldn't have been tempted

(sorry rubbish at doing links)*1**0

OP posts:
rogersmellyonthetelly · 21/08/2012 07:56

Looks a nice sort but for £3k in the current climate you could get a lot better I think. 2yo for that amount of money needs to be crapping gold plated turds! And honestly, i would never ever buy from somewhere that takes credit cards for a horse purchase! That's just me though.

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