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So, having watched the Olympics: how does a total non-riding novice go about watching eventing please?

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CharminglyOdd · 07/08/2012 12:08

I have absolutely loved the showjumping and the eventing (I think that's the right name - the one with the cross country course?). It looked like a really good day out and I was wondering how someone with absolutely no connection to horses goes about watching, or is it something that only appears once or twice a year?

I'm not that bothered about watching the absolute best standard (I realise I'm unlikely to see Mary King Grin) and I live in the NE if that's any help. Is it an expensive sport to watch please? Any input grateful received!

OP posts:
gallifrey · 07/08/2012 12:17

There are loads of lower level competitions held every week all around the country, look on the British Eventing website and you will find out when and where they are.
Normally you don't have to pay to get in but it depends where it is being held.

CMOTDibbler · 07/08/2012 12:18

Its quite cheap to watch - even the really high end eventing like Blenheim horse trials is £50 for all 4 days, children free.

The high end is maybe one a month in the season, but there'll be lower level every week. Also, you might enjoy team chasing or point to point - round here ptp is £10 per car

Callisto · 07/08/2012 12:24

The eventing circuit is fairly small, so you have a really good chance of seeing some big names at smaller competitions with the young horses they are bringing on. Badminton and Burghley are always good days out.

CharminglyOdd · 07/08/2012 12:36

Thank you :) I have found the British Eventing site and will look up something local. Have also seen that Blenheim is still to come this year... going to try to persuade DM to go with me as she loves horses.

OP posts:
Stinkyminkymoo · 07/08/2012 14:50

Ooh I'd go to Blenheim i I could, we (DH & I) go to Badminton every year it obviously couldn't this year Sad.

It is such a fun sport to watch, so exciting and it great that a 'non-horsey' person wants to go & watch!

It isn't really very expensive, especially at the lower levels.

Have fun!!

CharminglyOdd · 07/08/2012 16:12

I think I could only go with DM as it's a (sort-of!) long day trip from my parents' house. I'll see what she says :) Now I've googled I remember seeing Badminton in the news, how awful.

OP posts:
Butkin · 07/08/2012 17:09

We go to Burghley on 2 days - Thursday for shopping and Saturday for X country.

Blenheim will be fab. There are bound to be lots of events round by you as well. Even the low level events will feature some well known names.

Everything is a bit mixed up this year because of the Olympics but once you've got a taste for it this year have a look from March onwards next year when it should revert back to the usual schedules.

ExitPursuedByAGoldenBear · 07/08/2012 17:11

Blenheim is fab.

And the shopping.......

Butkin · 07/08/2012 17:11

By the way Burghley is at Stamford - on the A1 - and therefore should be accessible to you. The X Country is on the Saturday and is a fab day out but take plenty of money because you need cash to get in and a credit card for the shops!

Kellamity · 07/08/2012 17:13

Love Burghley, I used to live at Wittering so close! I now go to Barbury Castle in the south, also a nice horse show with fab shopping! I've never been to Badminton.

insertsomethingwitty · 07/08/2012 17:22

When you to Burghley do you pay for the car and then pay again for each person? The website isn't very clear.

Butkin · 07/08/2012 19:59

Different rates/methods for the different days. On X Country Day you usually pay for the car and then individual occupants. Is expensive and you need to take cash for it but worth it. If you plan to go on 3 or more days worth looking into Membership.

Mirage2012Olympics · 07/08/2012 21:39

We are looking forward to Burghley,even more so as so much has been cancelled this year.I'm intending to take the DDs on the course walk this year,and then go with some friends for the shopping on either the Friday or Saturday.

Belton horse trials is a good one too,and we love Point to Points as well.

Have fun!Smile

Butkin · 07/08/2012 21:54

Mirage - shopping on the Saturday is very busy due to the massive crowds. Recommend you do that on the Friday if possible.

Well worth visiting the "name" events first but we're often happy just to go to one of our local events such as Soham which still gets Piggy, Oli Townsend, Sharon Hunt etc.

We love point to points as well - December to Easter for us.

Mirage2012Olympics · 08/08/2012 08:52

You are right Butkin I think it is normally a Friday that we go shopping on.

EcoLady · 09/08/2012 21:56

Burghley is fab! Under 13s are free so I take DD with 2 of her friends on the Saturday.
We've splashed out on grandstand tickets for the 2 of us at the show jumping on Sunday for the first time.

rogersmellyonthetelly · 12/08/2012 22:03

Bramham is 10 miles up the road from me if your up north, if you wanted a guided tour of the food court and pimms stand
I'd be happy to oblige.
Basically you just turn up, park up then go watch some horses. Horsey people are generally very friendly, even the famous ones, shovelling shit and getting thrown off into a bush is a great social leveller,

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